Monday, March 20, 2017

Under the Sea Movie Night for Spring Break

My oldest is on Spring Break and I always like to plan fun things for him while he's off, but it's not always easy getting out when I also have my hands full with a 5 month old. Lucky for me, his FAVORITE thing ever is Movie Night!

I wanted to plan a special themed movie night to kick off Spring Break with a bang, so I thought and Under the Sea theme would be fun! I set up the kiddos Pacific Play Tent in the living room and spread out some soft blankets and their new mermaid Snooze Mat. How completely adorable is this mat? It's made by the same Shark Tank alum and brilliant mama owned company, Sleeping Baby (they also make Taylor's favorite sleeper - the Zipadee-Zip that I previously reviewed HERE.) It looks like a cute little backpack and even has straps, but then unrolls into the sweetest, softest travel bed! The mermaids head becomes the pillow and the blanket part is attached too. This made our movie night extra special.

I let me oldest choose between Finding Dory (On Netflix!) or The Little Mermaid. The later won out, I think because he watched Finding Dory twice already in the last month. I'm a sucker for any feel good movie, especially if it's Disney!

We always have popcorn at movie night and that night we also had goldfish crackers (to stay with the theme!) I was also excited to dress Taylor up in her cute fishy pajamas for the occasion! We ended up having the best time together and MOST of us stayed awake until the end!
Mental note: Another Spring Break activity we MUST do  - get his hair cut! :)

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What are some of your favorite Spring Break activities?

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