Monday, March 13, 2017

How I Get My Lululemon for Less

You all probably know I'm a HUGE lululemon fan! They are super cute and have the best fit of any athletic wear around. I almost always wear at least one thing by lulu on my daily runs and own approx 20 pairs of speed shorts. But, I rarely pay full price on my lulu! I wanted to spill the beans on some ways that I save money and still get my lululemon fix!
love lulu so much I actually wore a pair of their speed shorts as part of my Halloween costume this year! They were purchased off their WMTM section off their website.

1. We Made Too Much
Lululemon  has a page on their website called We Made Too Much. It is their version of the sale page. This page gets updated every Thursday morning. You can always find discounted prices here and some of the discounts are steep. I have scored $29 speed shorts and $19 tank tops on here - which is way more than half off. If you order from the WMTM section though, all sale are final so you really need to do your lulu research. I recommend knowing your size and reading the reviews so you know that you'll be happy with your purchase.
Got these speed shorts off WMTM for $29. I've since resold them but I think I sold them for more than that!

2. Ebay and Mercari apps
The cool thing about lulu is that is so highly coveted and such great quality that the resale value is HIGH. In fact, I have bought some great discounted lulu and been able to resale it actually for more than what I paid originally for it - crazy! I like to look on Ebay and Mercari for used lulu because you can find some great prices and some cool patterns and colors on some lululemon items from years past. I have gotten some great speed shorts (my fav!) on both of these sites for as low as $22.
I get compliments on these speed shorts all the time! Got them off Mercari for $34!

 I'm usually willing to pay up to $35-40 for used speed shorts as long as they are in great condition and a color that I've had my eye on. I have been able to get brand new with tags Align pants (another lulu fav of mine) on Mercari for abut 33% off. Mercari will sometimes give out codes to members of their apps where you can save 10-30% off so that helps bring the prices down too.I think that there are some Mercari sellers that must work at lulu stores and then purchase/resell with their employee discounts because some sellers have very well stocked online sellers pages! My best advice on these sites is to clearly know the return policy (if there is one) and to read the sellers reviews so you know that they are trust worthy.
Another great Mercari purchase.  I think these were $28 and they are one of my favorite pairs of lulu!

3. Facebook Lululemon Resale Sites
I belong to a few lulu resale sites on FB. My favorite two are Lululemon Speed Short Stash and Lululemon Exchange. These are both private groups of lulu lovers across the country and you have to request to join in. Once you're in (yay!) you can post your lulu to sell or buy others lulu. Each group has their own specific rules so for sure read these and make sure you understand them before diving in.
Another pattern I get compliments on all the time! I got these in a FB resell group for less than $40!

I have bought and resold on both these sites and have had nothing but great experiences! Actually when I was pregnant and looking to buy a couple of pairs of larger speed shorts I posted a request on one of these group pages and a member messaged me and offered to send me two pars of hers for FREE! It was literally the sweetest gesture ever!
These were the two pairs of speed shorts a member of the Speed Shorts group sent me. So incredibly generous.

 I think another thing I try to do is once or twice a year go through all of my workout clothes and sell any lulu that no longer excites me or gets passed over too often. By doing this, I earn some extra money and then can guilt-free use it towards refreshing my workout wardrobe a bit!
Totally scored on this lulu pacesetter skirt for $8! Sadly it was too big, but I resold it for a pretty big profit and used the money to purchase some lulu that fit me better. #winning

I hope this helps some of you stretch your lulu dollars a bit! Do you have any ways that you get your lulu at a discount? Please share if you do!

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