Wednesday, March 22, 2017

On the Go with my Milk Snob Cover

With baby number one I got to stay home more. With baby number two, we are on the go and out and about all the time! This is why my Milk Snob cover is just so so useful. I use it every day and sometimes several times a day.

For me it makes a WORLD of difference and actually makes me feel comfortable to nurse Taylor in public (which I wasn't at all comfortable doing with my first born). The Milk Snob cover slips right over my head and has 360 degree coverage, so unexpected gusts of wind or swift baby kicks wont leave you exposed for the world to see! With this cover I've felt super comfortable to nurse Taylor at soccer practice, sporting events, cub scouts, and in restaurants.

I also LOVE how the Milk Snob doubles as a car seat cover! I use it every single time that I go for a run with my baby girl. I love that it fits snugly and securely cover her car seat and helps to protect her from the elements like wind, cold, or sun. It also visually cues her to know "okay, it's time for you to relax and go to sleep while mommy runs"

Some people have asked if I think she gets too hot underneath the Milk Snob cover while nursing or running and I don't think so at all. She nurses great underneath her cover (and I love that I can peek in on her too). When I put the cover over her in the car seat I place the opening over the car seat handle and about 10 inches above her face and that allows enough air circulation for her.

These are the two main ways that I use my beloved Milk Snob cover daily, but I also hear that it makes a great shopping cart and swing cover! We actually tried it out today on a swing at the park. It worked great and also gave her something to chew on (haha)!
You all know by now I'm a HUGE fan of mama-owned companies and Melanie from Milk Snob is just the sweetest! They were recently featured on Shark Tank! So cool, right?

Do you have a Milk Snob cover? How do you use yours?

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