Sunday, October 30, 2016

Runtastic Fitness Channel Review and App Giveaway

Over the past year, I have really grown to love and realize the importance of cross and strength training to develop a well-rounded runners body. When I cross-train I look, feel, and am stronger, and more injury-proof. Being a busy working mom of (now) two, I don't have time to go to the gym to strength train, I prefer to do quick and easy targeted moves at home, which made me so happy when I was introduced to the Runtastic Channel on YouTube (Do yourself a favor and subscribe now. there's so much good stuff on there you won't want to miss!)

The Runrastic Channel is uploads new 5-10 minute workouts, recipes, and more weekly, that are all geared towards runners. The head trainer, Lunden is so cute and easy to follow, it's like having your own personal trainer friend in your living room! 

The other day I did her7 Minute Fat Burning HIIT for Summer workout. It was a combo of 7 moves that we did for 40 seconds in a row, followed by a 20 second transition, before moving into the other exercise. Some of my favorite moves from this workout were the burpee/punch sequence and the back lunge heel raises. 

This week, November 1-5, I'm going to be participating in an Instagram Challenge, doing one Runtastic Video a day (I'm thinking this will help to counteract all of the Halloween Candy I may be tempted to eat!) I'd LOVE for you to do the challenge along with me (and win some cool prizes too!)
The schedule is:
I'll be posting daily prompts on my IG and giving away one Runtastic 12 month premium subscription everyday!

To kick off the challenge, the amazing folks at Runtastic, have given me 4 12 month Runtastic Subscriptions to give away to blog readers!! Their premium fitness app has customizable training plans for all distances and skill levels, I'm excited to use it for my upcoming 2017 comeback race season! To enter, comment below with your favorite cross or strength training move! Winners will be notified by the end of the week!

In the meantime, subscribe to the Runtastic Fitness Channel so you'll be all set to join me in the challenge this week! 

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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Thrive by GoMarco Review

I was super excited when GoMacro contacted me to try and review the newest addition Thrive! I'm a BIG fan of GoMarco's original bars because they are made with REAL, plant-based ingredients that you can see and taste in every bar. Being a new mom who is nursing, I am trying my best to make smart food choices because I know my nutrition is my baby girls nutrition too!

There are 6 flavors of the new Thrive GoMarco bar line-up. My favorite was Caramel Coconut with the Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip coming in a close second. Just look at the ingredients in the Caramel Coconut Bar:
They are all organic and all real super-food ingredients. One of the many things I love about these bars is that they combine the super-foods that we all hear about and know that we should be incorporating into our diets like: Quinoa, Hemp Hearts, and Flax, but that we may not know how to conveniently add them to our diet. These convenient yummy tasting bars are the perfect solution!

These bars are all right around 200 calories, making them the perfect filling snack. They have just the right amount of healthy fats and protein to keep me full in between meals. I packed a few of them in my hospital bag and they were the perfect way to keep my energy up in between baby feedings! I also carry one or two around in my diaper bag because with nursing a new baby the never ending hunger is real!
I love that you can actually SEE the ingredients that are listed on the label in each bite of every bar. Real food and real ingredients are wear its at. They are also 100% Vegan and Gluten free.
GoMarco has kindly given you a 30% off discount code that can be used to purchase the Thrive bars in their online store. The discount code is Thrive30. I'm hosting a giveaway for a FREE sampler box on my GoFastMommy Instagram account. Follow GoMarco and Myself and enter to win a box of wholesome goodness yourself!

Monday, October 17, 2016

Taylor's Birth Story

To accurate tell Taylor's birth story I must back up to the morning before. I had gotten up at 5 am, like I had practically every morning of my pregnancy, to run. But after a long night of getting up FIVE times to use the bathroom, I decided there was no way I could run that day (plus it was my rest day anyway...) so I headed out for a walk. I was so excited for that evening, it was going to be Adam and I's last date night before she arrived and we were going to see my all-time favorite band in concert, Mumford and Sons.

I came home from my 3 mile walk and immediate used the bathroom. TMI warning, but I noticed what looked like my mucus plug was beginning to shed. Excited, I bounded up the stairs, flipped on the lights in our bedroom, and dramatically exclaimed, "I think we are going to have our baby in the next 48 hours!" What a way for Adam to wake up, haha!

That whole day, I texted friends, googled my symptoms profusely, finished up as much work and laundry as I could, and even found just-in-case back up plans for our concert tickets that night. We decided to go to the concert anyway, figuring I had waited so long for it, and that I might as well labor and be in a little pain at the concert, than at home.

The concert was AMAZING!! I got tears I my eyes the first few songs, I was so happy in that moment. I had my favorite band, my amazing man, and we were going to meet our sweet girl within 24 hours!

So we arrived home from the hospital around midnight (which was saying a lot for us as we are usually in bed my 10, max). We were winding down at home and I was feeling some contractions. I figured before we went to bed, I should probably time them. So I downloaded a free timer app and sat on the couch for a good while timing them. I was actually shocked that they were the magical 5 minutes apart! They still weren't too strong though so I told Adam that we had better go to bed because it looked like we'd have a big day ahead of us tomorrow!

Well we headed upstairs and he, of course, fell asleep right away, I, on the other hand, couldn't sleep because the contractions were coming on stronger and more rapidly. So I stayed awake for the next hour or two and continued to time the contractions and they were still staying a steady 5 minutes apart, So I woke Adam up around 2:30 and told him I was going to call me doctor. She told me, "It sounds like you're in labor, why don't you head to the hospital." eeek! I started to tear up thinking, "this is really happening, I can't believe it!" We packed up a few more things, woke Brayden up (who at first was like, "Why are you waking me up so early?" and then when we told him why he got VERY excited!)

We arrived at the hospital a little around 4 AM (I wore my concert t that Adam had surprised me with that night). We got checked in and headed to triage. They checked me and I was disappointed that I was only a 3. But I knew that I had to get there early, because I had tested positive for GSB so they would need to give me as many bags of antibiotics before I gave birth as possible to protect both Taylor and I.

They had us walk the halls for an hour to see if that would get things moving. I remember thinking, "I wish I wore my fit bit for this" haha as we walked the halls until 5:30. After that the labor ward got busy, like really really busy. We still had our little triage room, but they were women laboring in the lobby and all of the delivery rooms are full. So the three of us continued to just hang out in our room. Meanwhile my contractions we getting strong and stronger. I was in so much pain. Every time one came on I had to grab Adam's hand so tightly, grimacing. Time ticked on and I started crying. I remember thinking, "I can't do this, I just want to rip this IV out of my arms and walk out of here." It hurt SO bad.

Finally a labor room opened up around 10:30 and tears were streaming out my face the entire walk over there. I did not remember being in this much pain when I had Brayden. When we got settled in to the new room, the nurse told me, "Okay so you are in pre-labor, dilated to a 3." I told her I was a 3 at 4:30 AM and hadn't been checked since then. She was shocked and checked me and was like, "Oh my goodness, you are at an 8! You poor thing, I'm so incredibly sorry, we need to get the anesthesiologist in here right away for your epidural and call your doctor too." THANK GOD!! I was in so much pain, having received no pain medication or anything up until that point.

I got my epidural, they broke my water, and my doctor came and around 11, they told me that the game plan was to finish the last bag of antibiotics around 11:30 and then we would be ready to start pushing. I couldn't believe things were moving so quickly! I had the nurse and my doctor remind me how to "push effectively" and after 5 minutes of pushing sweet Taylor Tate was born! They all knew that I was a runner and completely attributed the quick and easy birth to how fit I had stayed throughout my pregnancy.

I cried immediately when I saw her. I was just so incredibly happy and kept saying over and over, "I can't believe she is ours!" We've been home for about 10 days now and she is just so perfect. She's a terrific sleeper and wonderful eater and just so stinkin adorable! Her big brother Brayden is such a great helper and loves her so much. We all do. It's amazing how one little baby can bring so much joy to everyone's lives. We can't wait for her to grow up in such a loving close family like ours.  Taylor Tate, we love you so much and it's been such a privilege to be your mommy.

Monday, October 3, 2016

What's In My Hospital Bag

I don't know about you but I have always LOVED seeing what others mamas-to-be bring with them to the hospital so I thought I'd share what I packed in mine! (Warning, I am an over-packer, but I'd rather have too much stuff than not enough!)

 Clothes For Me: Robe, Nursing Tanks, and Comfy PJ Pants for me to wear at the hospital. I'll wear the issued hospital gown for the delivery because I know that things get messy, but I wanted to have some options this time around for myself for my hospital stay. Last time I brought a lightweight robe and I really liked having that to wear over my hospital nursing gown, but wanted the option to feel more covered this time around. I packed some comfy PJ pants from Victoria's Secret and a couple of nursing tanks from Target and Bun Maternity. I'll wear one of the nursing tops home from the hospital along with some black Luluemon leggings that worked well for me throughout my entire pregnancy (because lets be honest, we all think we are going to leave the hospital fitting into our normal clothes, but we are puffy and leggings are just way more comfy!)

Clothes For The Baby:
I have packed several cute little swaddle sets and blankets (all with coordinating headbands because I'm having a GIRL!!!!). I am in LOVE with this adorable set from Mint & Arrows!! It's so soft and babies are supposed to love the comfy little pouch. I also LOVE these swaddle blankets from Little Unicorn. They are the softest things I have ever felt in my life. I also packed a couple basic onsies for her ride home and a few pairs of socks too.

Nursing Essentials:
I am bringing my Bellifly Pillow which has been a LIFESAVER for sleeping during pregnancy but also doubles as a breast feeding pillow for the baby! I love double duty products. I'm bringing Medela Lanolin and also my hairdresser (and really, don't they know EVERYTHING) recommended Vitamin E so I bought a small bottle too along with disposable nursing pads and a comfy nursing bra that I can sleep in (from Mothers Essentials).

I've also packed my new breastfeeding poncho from Cover Me Ponchos. I'm pro-breastfeeding but not comfortable feeding in front of others so I know that this will come in super handy! It also doubles as a car seat cover so I'm excited to try that out on walks around the neighborhood too. Plus its so cute :)

Odds and Ends:
I've backed a little gift bag for Brayden with some snacks and art supplies that we'll give him when we get to the hospital. We want him to be there with us the majority of the time so we are also packing his IPad to help keep him entertained as well.

The hospital that I'm delivering at really is the best in town and has round-the-clock room-service, but I still want to back some snacks for Adam and Brayden while I'm in labor and for myself afterwards. I just tried these new GoMarco Thrive Bars and really like them!

Additionally, I have a list of last minute things we'll need to grab to pack before we leave that we use everyday and can't pack up ahead of time.

I think that's it, but is there anything you think I'm missing that I should bring with me?