Monday, October 3, 2016

What's In My Hospital Bag

I don't know about you but I have always LOVED seeing what others mamas-to-be bring with them to the hospital so I thought I'd share what I packed in mine! (Warning, I am an over-packer, but I'd rather have too much stuff than not enough!)

 Clothes For Me: Robe, Nursing Tanks, and Comfy PJ Pants for me to wear at the hospital. I'll wear the issued hospital gown for the delivery because I know that things get messy, but I wanted to have some options this time around for myself for my hospital stay. Last time I brought a lightweight robe and I really liked having that to wear over my hospital nursing gown, but wanted the option to feel more covered this time around. I packed some comfy PJ pants from Victoria's Secret and a couple of nursing tanks from Target and Bun Maternity. I'll wear one of the nursing tops home from the hospital along with some black Luluemon leggings that worked well for me throughout my entire pregnancy (because lets be honest, we all think we are going to leave the hospital fitting into our normal clothes, but we are puffy and leggings are just way more comfy!)

Clothes For The Baby:
I have packed several cute little swaddle sets and blankets (all with coordinating headbands because I'm having a GIRL!!!!). I am in LOVE with this adorable set from Mint & Arrows!! It's so soft and babies are supposed to love the comfy little pouch. I also LOVE these swaddle blankets from Little Unicorn. They are the softest things I have ever felt in my life. I also packed a couple basic onsies for her ride home and a few pairs of socks too.

Nursing Essentials:
I am bringing my Bellifly Pillow which has been a LIFESAVER for sleeping during pregnancy but also doubles as a breast feeding pillow for the baby! I love double duty products. I'm bringing Medela Lanolin and also my hairdresser (and really, don't they know EVERYTHING) recommended Vitamin E so I bought a small bottle too along with disposable nursing pads and a comfy nursing bra that I can sleep in (from Mothers Essentials).

I've also packed my new breastfeeding poncho from Cover Me Ponchos. I'm pro-breastfeeding but not comfortable feeding in front of others so I know that this will come in super handy! It also doubles as a car seat cover so I'm excited to try that out on walks around the neighborhood too. Plus its so cute :)

Odds and Ends:
I've backed a little gift bag for Brayden with some snacks and art supplies that we'll give him when we get to the hospital. We want him to be there with us the majority of the time so we are also packing his IPad to help keep him entertained as well.

The hospital that I'm delivering at really is the best in town and has round-the-clock room-service, but I still want to back some snacks for Adam and Brayden while I'm in labor and for myself afterwards. I just tried these new GoMarco Thrive Bars and really like them!

Additionally, I have a list of last minute things we'll need to grab to pack before we leave that we use everyday and can't pack up ahead of time.

I think that's it, but is there anything you think I'm missing that I should bring with me?

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