Monday, October 30, 2017

Is Your Vehicle Seat Friendly?

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In the US, car accidents are the #1 cause of death among children aged 4-12 and the #2 cause of death for children 1-4 years old. the BEST way to decrease risk of death or serious injury and keep your children safe while in the car is to have a car seat that is properly used and installed.

If this is the case, then why are 46% of car seats incorrectly installed or misused? It seems that people are overly cautious with car seat safety when their babies are first born, but over time, they may become lax with proper car seat procedures.

The bottom line is, you highly increase your chances of your child walking away unharmed from a serious car accident if you make sure your car seat is properly installed and correctly used every singe time they are in the car with you.

It shocked me to know that not every car is car seat friendly. has a really neat feature on their website, where they review new cars for car seat safety. They install several types of car seats in each car, sharing how to make each ride the safest you can for your child.

 You can search for your car at, navigate to the car seat check landing page, and then search by year, make, ad model to see the results. You can also watch this quick and informative video here. I believe that knowledge is power, so I'm hoping this post makes most of us take an extra minute next time we buckle our babes into the backseat.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Stroller Running Tips from a Mother Runner

One question I get asked over and over again is "What are your best tips for stroller runs?" Since it's stroller running season, I thought I'd address this topic today. I wrote a similar blog post 3 years ago when I was stroller running with my almost 5 year old and in the middle of training for our first stroller half marathon together. You can read that post here. I am once again gearing up to start training for another stroller half marathon. It will be my third, but my fist time doing it with my now one year old daughter. Stroller running with an infant is much different than stroller running with a five year old but some of the main concepts stay the same.
When his baby sister was born, I kicked him out of the stroller and made him run with me! He loves it!!

My tips for a successful stroller run (or walk - whatever is your jam is good with me!):

1. Invest in a quality stroller. This is key and a quality stroller can withstand daily use, keep you and your babe comfortable, and is easy to push. I LOVE my BOB Revolution Pro - It was one of the only things that I invested in brand new when I had my second child. They can be a bit pricey but they are a million times worth the investment! In fact, they are so popular that they have a great resale value, and you can often find one second hand on a local Facebook Swap Site, Ebay or on Craigslist!

What do I love about my BOB? It's decently lightweight for a jogger and has precision handling. One huge reason why I prefer the Revolution model over other BOB models is the front swivel wheel, which allows me to turn around corners very easily. I live and run in a neighborhood full of twists and turns, which I love, but a stroller that was not east to round corners would be a nightmare for me! The seat is super comfy and can easily fit a small baby up to a growing school-aged child! It has real air filled tires that allows it to ride over a variety of surfaces with ease. One tip I always give new stroller owners is to take your tires to a local bike shop and have them put tire liners inside for you. Mine were less than $20 and then add a great layer of protection in between your tire and the tire tube to help prevent flats. It will save you so much money, time, and frustration in the long run - I promise!

One optional feature that I always recommend is the parent console - which is a fancy name for the cup holder that attaches to the stroller handle. It has three slots and can fit your drink, keys, phone, and allll the stroller running swag you'll end up bringing!

2. Bring Plenty of Water and Snacks - For Everyone! One thing I always joke about with people is that I love running with my stroller because of the cup holder area- It's like a rolling buffet for me! But in all seriousness, stroller running is HARD, much more taxing than regular running (umm, hello - you're pushing a 30 pound stroller with a 25+ pound kid strapped in it, so yes, it's a tough workout!). I always pack a snack for myself during stroller runs (usually a bar, some energy balls, or some dried fruit does the trick) and bring plenty of water. 

For my baby, I always pack her sippy cup because if I'm getting thirsty, I'm sure she is too. She's in this big phase of dropping things on the ground on purpose and then saying "uh oh" which I'll admit, really is the cutest thing ever, but not when I'm on a run and have to stop and pick it up every time. I recently found this product called the Sister Chic Dropper Stopper which is awesome. It attaches to the stroller and then has this grippy material inside the strap that helps securely hold and sippy cup or toy tight to prevent it from falling on the ground. I've put it to the test on several stroller runs and walks already and it totally works!

When my baby gets a little older I'll be able to back her little bags of easy to eat on the go snacks for runs but I don't feel comfortable having her eat anything unsupervised yet. I do sometimes pack our favorite teething biscuits from Happy Baby. These dissolve in her mouth easily and I dole them out if I notice her getting a little restless.

3. Bring Reinforcements - In the form of Special "Stroller Only" Toys. There will be plenty of runs when my kids are just content to stare at the view of the world around them while strolling along. I'll usually try to point out the scenery even if they can't talk or respond yet - they are still listening. I'll point out the bunnies we see or a bright purple bush. If I want to listen to music on my stroller runs I'll always play it out loud on my phone and make it kid appropriate. Which sometimes means listening to Little Baby Bum of repeat, we do what we have to, right?

But one thing I always try to have on hand, is a stash of "stroller only" toys in the stroller basket. These remain out of sight for the duration of the run, and are something I can give to my baby if I notice er starting to get a little restless or bored. These toys always stay in the stroller so there are always new and exciting and will surely charm them for another mile or two!

Some of our favorites are the Activity Doofy Dog from playgro. This toy has an awesome little clip that I can attach to the stroller so it can't be throw off and has seven different fun "activities" for her to play with. There are little beads to spin, textured paws to bite and grip, a collar to crinkle, a rattle shake, and much more. It's one of her favorites!

Another toy that we have been loving lately is the Giddy Up Gall Play Set by YooKidoo. This fun little set come with two toys that my baby really loves! The pony pal plays a little melody when turned on or moved, which comes in really handy to stop a cry. Music or sounds usually seem to stop a cry right in their tracks for my little one! The second toy in this set is a giddy up girl which is adorable and full of fun textures. She wears a bandanna that crinkles, and has beds that slide and rattle. She comes with a plastic ring clip that makes attaching her to the stroller super easy and quick!

4. Timing is Everything. Timing is so important with stroller runs and this comes down to knowing your baby. Do they like or need movement to fall asleep? If so, plan your run for when their nap time will be and it's a win/win situation for all! My baby usually won't fall asleep until the last part of a longer run, so I usually just make sure she's well fed and has a dry diaper before we hit the streets together. 

My favorite part of stroller running is the extra bonding time we get together, which I think is especially true as she gets older. I love the feeling of cruising around the neighborhood together, warm sunshine on our faces hair blowing in the wind, taking in nature and enjoy each others company one mile at a time. I try to make the runs fun for her and will often run to a nearby park and stop to push her in the swing or let her crawl around for a bit before loading her up and heading home. Sometimes we will pack a snack or lunch and enjoy a little picnic too. It's all about balance and making fitness and stroller running part of our daily routine and enjoyable for all!

What are some of your stroller running tips? Do you prepare different for casual strollers runs versus stroller running race days?

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

First Birthday Gift Ideas

It can sometimes be hard to figure out what to get a one year old for their birthday. Some will joke, "just give them a cardboard box and a wooden spoon from the kitchen and they'll love that!" Wile that may be true, there are many safer and more fun!) toys that can give you and your sweet baby hours of creative playtime together.

Here's my list of toys that can be played with in lots of different ways and will engage all of their tactile senses that my almost one year old plays with and loves (And YES, I totally let her open these presents early for the purposes of this post - her older brother would be so jealous that his baby sister got to open her birthday presents early - shhhh, don't tell!)

1. HABA Shakin Eggs - These shakin eggs are our FAVORITE things!! Made of brightly painted wood, they each make a different noise (rattles, jingles, etc) when you give them a gentle shake. My baby loves to shake them, clap them together, spin them, roll them, stick them in her mouth, and chase after them.

We shake them independently or along to the beat of a song. Small enough to toss a couple in my purse or diaper bag, I seem to never leave the house without them because I know they will entertain her wherever we go. 

2. PlayGro Pop and Drop Activity Ball Gym - This is a super fun pop-up style design, that contains 30 rainbow colored balls and keeps baby safe too!

There's lots of mesh pockets for baby to stuff the balls in (and grab them out - seems to be our little ones favorite thing to do lately - putting things away! I'm not complaining!!) There are 4 main "activity" stations. There's a pace for your baby to place a ball and then watch it POP up - producing a fun surprise and giggles galore!

 Other fun stations allow your baby to drop balls in and out and even watch them roll down a slide. Such a fun toy and can easily and quickly fold away to store it when play time is over!

3. Little Tikes Outdoor Swing - We actually got this for our little one a couple of month ago and use it daily. With hooks, we were able to easily attach it to our back patio area and our little girl absolutely loves being pushed in it! Any toy that gets us playing outside is a winner in this mamas play book!

4. Infantino Textured Ball Set - We love these balls! Each brightly colored ball has a fun and unique texture that produces a fun effect while the grip allows your baby to hold only it easier. We take these everywhere - the park, the bathtub,and they have given us hours of creative playtime!

5. Diono rXT Convertible Car Seat + Booster - Haha okay, so not the most exciting present for a one year old - but a super important one, right?! We figured since our little one is growing at a rapid weight, she is ready to graduate from her baby bucket seat into a big girl car seat and of we're going to make the investment we might as well wrap it up and stick a bow on it for her!

After some extensive research, we decided on the Diono rXT Convertible for her big girl car seat. We loved all of the premium innovative features like the steel alloy frame and aluminum reinforced sidewalls to make it an extra safe ride. Thoughtful details like adjustable head support, nicely cushioned seats and sides, and easy care fabric helped seal the deal.

Its been well documented that the safest position for a child is in the middle seat, rear facing. I really liked that this seat can be safely and comfortably rear face until my child is 45 pounds. Now I'm not sure that will happen because literally my 8 year old just surpassed the 45 pound mark, but still. it's nice to know that that is an option.

Diono has one several highly prestigious industry awards and - look at how well it folds up to travel! It even has a shoulder strap. Needless to say, this mama is very excited about this baby gift!

And a few things we're not getting her, but am totally saving for Christmas wish lists (Santa, listen up!)

Learning Resourses New Sprouts Soups On Play Set - This set looks super fun! I think a set of durable play dishes and food makes for great creative play for little minds You can play pretend with these in your playroom, or use them outside or at bath time to incorporate in a little fun water activity. Learning Resources has been a long time favorite toy company of min too so I know they make a quality product!

Little Tikes Water Table - I know it may not be outdoor water play time season in some parts of the country, but in Arizona it is - and water play is such a fun activity for babies of this age! 

Radio Flyer 4 in 1 Stroll n Trike - this was one of our favorite toys with my first born and I can't wait to get our little girl one of her very own! It's a new viewpoint for the littles and a great alternative to a stroller for neighborhood strolls to the park!

What is your little one year old loving lately? What is n the top of your wish list for their upcoming celebrations? I would love to hear!

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Our Skin Needs Moisture Too!

Living in a hot and dry desert climate, and being a runner and being outside often, my skin takes a beating. It's such a delicate balance to maintaining an optimal skin moisture balance, and feeling like a sticky oily mess from over-hydration. That's why I was so happy to be introduced to this Dynamic Renewal Cream by NatureWell.

This skin cream comes packaged in the prettiest mint green glass jar and can be used morning and night. What I initially loved was the texture of this cream - its neither too light nor too heavy and it's almost "whipped"! It glides effortlessly onto my skin and sunk right in without a hint of greasiness, yet helped it stay nice and softly moisturized all day.

Each jar of  Dynamic Renewal Cream is infused with 33 natural ingredients including 26 botanicals, 4 waters, and 3 oils, all working together to hydrate and plump your skin to make it appear more youthful and radiant. It also smells amazing - like cucumber water at a spa.

I have been using this scream for a couple of days now and, while I can't comment on any long term youthful traits, my skin feels great and I'm hooked - it's an excellent value for the quality and available in a 2 pack for UNDER $20 at

Saving money and looking good?! Sign this tired mama up!

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

My Baby Has A Severe Peanut Allergy

I never thought I'd be an allergy mom - especially not a peanut allergy mom. In fact, I remember reading a magazine article while taking a bubble bath, pregnant with Taylor, about a mom who had a teenage girl that DIED while eating a bite of cake at a birthday party because she has a severe peanut allergy. I remember being shocked that that could happen, and crying there in the tub for this girl and her poor mama. But never in a million years did I think I could be on the same side of the table of this family - dealing with a daughter who has potentially life-threatening peanut allergies too.

I am very much a type A personality especially when it comes to parenting my babies. I'm scheduled, a rule follower, and try to do everything by the books. So I followed the current guidelines about introducing peanut butter to my baby girl early on, in hopes of escaping a peanut allergy. When Taylor was around 8 month sold, I started giving her peanut butter spread on a whole wheat tortilla with her breakfast couple of times a week. She loved it! And like any new food introduction, I always only brought in one new food at a time and watched closely for reactions.

It wasn't until a good month or two after eating peanut butter consistently every couple of days that Taylor had her first allergic reaction to the food. It was an afternoon I would never forget. She woke up from her nap, and I put her into her highchair so I could feed her a quick lunch before we headed to school to pick up her big brother. I fed her four things for lunch that day (all some of her current favs): hard boiled eggs, cheese cubes, strawberries, and peanut butter on a whole wheat tortilla. We were pressed for time and she seemed to be eating a little slower than normal, so quickly wiped her down and loaded her into the backseat of the car to drive to her big brothers school. As I was strapping her into her car seat I noticed a few white bumps on her arms that seemed to look like bug bites to me, but didn't think too much of it, thinking maybe she got bit by something on our morning stroller run together.

Her brothers school is about a 12 minute drive from our house. When I pulled into the dirt lot by his school where we park and get out to walk up to get him, I was floored when I saw her in the back seat. Her face was so red and puffy, to the point that her eyes were almost swelled shut, the white bumps were now covering her arms and legs and had a red splotches all around them too.

I have experienced an allergic reaction to food myself so I immediately thought that might be what was happening to my sweet girl, and I was doing my best to remain calm. As I walked up to the school I saw a fellow mom (that I had never spoken to before) and asked if she was a nurse, because I noticed she was dressed in scrubs, and if she could look at my daughter and tell me is she thought it was an allergic reaction. She had no hesitation in telling me immediately that it looked like it and instructed me to drive right away to the drug store nearby and give her benadryl right away. I don't really remember picking up my son, driving to the store, or calling my husband (who later told me he couldn't believe how calm I was in such a situation - I couldn't either, I was basically freaking out inside!)

I remember running into the drug store that afternoon with the baby in my arms, clutching the hand of my oldest child, and shouting to the pharmacist on duty to please look up the correct dosage of benadryl for my 20 pound daughter because she was having an allergic reaction. I administered the meds right there and within a few minutes her color started to return to normal and her swelling reduced. Thank Goodness.

I spoke to her pediatrician and he said I did the exact right thing and the next step was to figure out which of those four foods she ate right before her reaction caused it. I immediately eliminated all of the foods in question, and added one back in every third day, monitoring her very closely. The first three days we tried strawberries and she was fine. Then we tried cheese for the next few days and had no reactions. The third thing we tried was eggs and still, she tolerated them just fine. The last thing we added back in was peanut butter. On the tenth day, I spread a little peanut butter on a tortilla and cut it into tiny bites like I had done so many mornings prior. Within 20 seconds of her first BITE, her ears started itching immensely, then turned bright red and swelled. She again started getting the white pin point dots on her skin, and red raised hives started forming. I immediately administered her dosage of benadryl again and within an hour or so her color started to go back to normal.

Her doctor referred me to an allergist at the our local children's hospital to get further confirmation that our sweet baby did indeed have a peanut allergy. While there, we showed the allergy doctor the pictures of her most recent reaction at home (I was so freaked out during her first reaction and all I could think about was SAVING her, that I took no pictures). We discussed her previous reactions and then did the skin test. During the test, her back was slightly scratched with a tiny bit of the allergen and an antihistamine control. After these were applied to her back, we waited an agonizing 20 minutes, watching the wheals form and red raised spots appear, indicating that she did, indeed, have the peanut allergy.

While there I was told, that the only real food allergy test that they can preform on a small baby, such as ours is the skin test, and the most accurate measure is what we preformed on our own at home, with the exposure and reactions to peanuts. That, coupled with the pictures that the doctor saw of her reaction, was enough for her to diagnose our baby with a severe peanut allergy. She did say that our case was a rare one, and that most people who have a peanut allergy show signs of a reaction on their first ingestion. Our baby had has peanut butter at least 20 times before having her first allergic reaction.

We were given instructions to have a strict avoidance of all nuts, an anaphylaxis action plan should another attack occur, and instructions to carry a set of Auvi-Q pens (a different and new type of Epi Pen) with her at all times and be prepared to use them if necessary. Our heads immediately started spinning - this was out new norm.

What now? We are obviously taking the utmost care to not give her any nuts of any kinds and reading all labels to avoid even bringing anything into our home that was processed in the same facility as nuts. This is huge, as so many product have hidden nuts or traces of nuts in them! We want to make sure our home is as safe as can be for our little girl and are going through great lengths to make it that way. If our home is strictly nut-free it will give us some sense of relief.

We will learn to be okay with asking the serves at restaurants a million and one questions about how food is prepared, and if in doubt, our daughter's safety is at stake. We will need to ask that no one brings any food in to our house without our knowledge or approval - they may think that  the baby won't get into that bag of trail mix in their purse, but little kids have a way of getting into everything. We will need to be comfortable asking the questions about what the ingredients are in foods at BBQs. parties, and holidays, and plan ahead, usually bringing our own food or snack just in case. We will have to be those parents that are constantly wiping down swings, highchairs, and especially table tops and little hands, multiple times, just in case someone beforehand ate peanuts there. We will have to not care if people think we are being over-protective or irrational - we are just trying to make sure our daughter stays SAFE.

This is all new to me, but writing about it helps a lot, so I promise to share more about how we are handling our daughter's peanut allergy as the months and years roll on. Thank you all so much for your kind encouraging thoughts.

This is our personal story about how our daughter was diagnosed with a peanut allergy. I am not a medical professional, and am in no way trying to give out medical advice. I would suggest seeking professional medical consultation if you suspect your child could have a peanut allergy.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

PrAna Fall 2017 Haul and Review

I am a HUGE fan of PrAna for their unique and classic styles and their quality, sustainably made clothing. I was lucky enough to try a few of their pieces in the Spring line (read my recap here), and was THRILLED to be chosen again to receive and review a couple of items from their new Fall line too in partnership with FitApproach! I love, love, love the items I chose from PrAna's Fall line!

I have been searching for the perfect lightweight white lace top for years and I finally found it in PrAna's Robyn Top. This top is pure bohemian perfection!! I adore the scoop neck and bracelet length sleeves. The sleeves are perfect to push up casually and the slight elastic around the sleeve opening helps keep them in place (without digging into my skin).

The slightly curved front and back of the top give it a super flattering fit. I love to wear this top either untucked or half-tucked. The feminine lace detailing is my favorite part of this shirt! It has the most intricate and beautiful lace detailing on the front of the shirt, and that's carried around to the back as well. there's also the prettiest center open stitch detail that adds the prettiest interest to the top as well.

It's made of a breathable Lenzing Modal which gives it a soft and almost silky feel. It's super lightweight and the perfect transition piece, gorgeous to wear now, and then will look amazing all season long under a cardigan too!

I'm wearing the Robyn Top in Winter White, which is slightly sheer, but not so see-thru that I feel like I need to wear a cami underneath. It also comes in 2 others colors as well. It runs true to size, as I'm wearing the XS size and it fits perfectly.

I paired my Robyn Top with the London Jeans from PrAna. I must admit, I was a little nervous ordering a pair of jeans online -fit is SO IMPORTANT for jeans, but let me tell you - these did not disappoint at all and in fact, they are my current favorite pair of best-fitting jeans I own!! Well done, PrAna!!

The London Jeans are a skinny leg, mid-rise jean, which means they are fitted all the way down the leg. The rise on these is absolute perfection - they sit just below the waist, and don't show your undies when bending over - making them perfect for moms and teachers!

One thing I don't like about jeans is that they can be sometimes uncomfortable - these are the comfiest jeans EVER!! They are super soft, probably due to the organic cotton they are made of. They are constructed of a medium weight fabric that gives them a nice structure to them, yet the 1% lycra elastine makes them fluid as well. They don't stretch out, or get saggy in the bum, even after wearing them for a couple days in a row. They also don't have that annoying waist gap. Who else gets so annoyed with constantly having to wear a belt to cinch in the waist of jeans or are always having to hike up the back because they slip down?! That doesn't happen with these!!

I really do feel like these PrAna London Jeans were made for body types like mine - athletic, curvy, a little bit of a booty. They aren't too tight over my larger-than-average runner's calves, and they hug the booty in all of the right ways. My only complaint is that they are a little more fitted in the ankles, so I do have to do the lie-down-on-the bed-and-wiggle-my-way-out-of-them dance at the end of the day! Even though they are tighter at the ankles, they still aren't too tight to roll a cuff in them if you want. I love to style them this way when pairing my jeans with sandals.

The London Jean by PrAna comes in 3 colors, multiple sizes, and even 3 inseams, which as a shorty, I absolutely LOVE this option!! I am wearing the Dark Indigo shade which is the perfect dark blue with subtle wiskering on the thigh area. They run true to size and I am wearing a size 0 short. The short size is still plenty long enough for me to cuff up to pair with sandals and then leave uncuffed if you can talk me into wearing them with heels!

I really can't say enough good things about the entire PrAna Fall lineup - but I'm especially in love with my two choices and I know they'll be on heavy rotation in my closet all season long. The awesome folks at PrAna gave me a discount code to share with you - FAAJ15 for 15% off any purchase on You can use it to purchase the Robyn Top or the London Jeans or anything else your heart desires!! What are your favorite clothing items to wear as the weather cools down?

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Steps to a Successful #SparklingDetox

I'm gearing up for my 5 day #SparklingDetox with Gerolsteiner Sparkling Mineral Water and I couldn't be more excited!! I've never participated in anything like this before but I'm ready to make some positive changes! Even though the #SparklingDetox doesn't officially start until September 11, there are several things I have started doing NOW to ensure that I'm prepared for when it's time:

-I've joined the Gerolsteiner's Sparkling Detox group on Facebook. This free support group allows me to connect and share my experiences with fellow detoxers, as well as garnish tips, exercises, and food inspiration from expert in her field Ariane Hundt. Having an online support system like this will be vital to my detox success!
-Cutting back on alcohol and coffee. For the last few days I have gradually decreased my coffee consumption from 2 cups to 1 a day, with the goal of eliminating coffee from my diet for all 5 days of the detox. Cutting back on caffeine slowly has allowed my body time to readjust and is a more gradual transition than quitting cold turkey.

Similarly, I have eliminated my nightly 1/2 glass of wine for the past few days, and haven't missed it! I actually have replaced it with a nightly glass of Gerolsteiner Sparkling Mineral Water and have woken up more refreshed and energized each morning!

-Researching fun new fitness classes. I want to make my #SparklingDetox FUN and full of new adventures so I looked into some new exciting ways to challenge my body during the 5 days. A new Barre studio is opening up near my house and they are offering free 45 minute classes in their studio during the challenge week! I've already signed up for one and am really looking forward to it.
The weather should also be cooling down a touch in mid-September, so I plan on getting in at least one hike during that time frame, in addition to my normal half marathon training I will also be completing.

-Stocking up on Gerolsteiner Sparkling Mineral Water so I have plenty on hand come detox time. Drinking at least 1.5-2 liters of Gerolsteiner a day will ensure that I'm adequately hydrated for the challenge, Not only is Gerolsteiner an excellent source of hydration, but it also contains 2500 minerals including calcium and magnesium per liter bottle to nourish and revitalize my body from the inside, out!
You can use the online store locator feature on the Gerolsteiner website to see where you can stock up for yourself. Gerolsteiner is always available at your local Whole Foods or online at or as well (and they always ship for free on orders over $35!).

-Looking up recipes and meal planning. I am the meal planner and prepper in our home so I've been going through recipes and browsing on Pinterest, remembering old favorites, and gathering new exciting entree ideas for the #SparklingDetox week. New dishes can sometimes be hit or miss, so I've been trying out some new finds ahead of time to see if they are keepers! One of my new everyday favorites are Veggie Sandwiches - my entire family is smitten with their over-the-top flavor!
The weekend before the detox, I will make sure I go to the grocery store and meal prep for the week ahead. I will cut and wash fruit and veggies for quick additions to salads, sandwiches, and snacks. I'll also make sure I have plenty of healthy snacks on hand for when hunger strikes such as low fat mozzarella cheese sticks, small bags of nuts, veggies with hummus for dipping, season fruit, and of course plenty of Gerolsteiner Sparkling Mineral Water!
How are you gearing up for a successful #SparklingDetox? Make sure to join me and hundreds of other participants September 11-15 for the 5 day challenge where we replace all beverages with Gerolsteiner Sparkling Mineral Water, workout, and make clean eating a habit. Follow along on the #SparklingDetox Facebook Group and share your challenge experiences all week long on Instagram with the hashtags #SparklingDetox and #GerolsteinerUSA. Good luck and I can't wait to go through this detox journey together!

This post was written in partnership with Fit Approach and Gerolsteiner Sparkling Mineral Water. All thoughts and opinions are my own.