Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Rompers and Trucks - Our Girlie Little Tomboy

When I first found out that I was having a baby girl, my mind immediately started to daydream about all tea parties, painted nails, and adorable outfits. I had been a boy mama for seven years prior and was ready for some PINK in my life!! Adam, on the other hand, started secretly thinking that we could be raising the next Gabby Reese or some other female sports star. Now that Taylor is 16 months old, she has developed quite the personality of her own, she is the PERFECT mix of girly cuteness and rough and tumble toyboy - as shown in these pic that I snapped all in one afternoon - told you she was busy!!

 We recently discovered The Baby Bird Boutique and I instantly fell in love over their darling handmade rompers, peplums, and jumpers. They have every color imaginable available and are always coming out with fun new designs and prints for holidays. This red Veruka Romper is part of their limited edition Valentine's Day Line and I love it so much it has the cutest sweetheart neck and an open back design that ties around the neck. Winter decided to skip Arizona this year so we just paired the romper with some fringe moccs and a headband, but this could be easily "winterized" with some thick white cable knit leggings and a black sweater and your little sweetheart would be good to go to celebrate the day of love!

 This darling hot pink number is from The Baby Bird Boutique's Solid Peplum Shine Bright Collection It has an open back deign and a tie around the neck too with a sweetheart v neck opening and a wide flare peplum design. The unique thing that I love about this piece is that you can buy it big and wear it as a dress, and then when your little girl grows, it becomes a darling top that you can pair with little ruffle bloomers, shorts, or leggings! What a versatile and genius design.

 This last one is such a heirloom piece - the solid sleeveless bubble jumper from The Baby Bird Boutique. It comes in several classic and traditional colors but I fell in love with this deep plum one. I love the exaggerated bubble romper fit and the wide straps. Again, this could be dressed for color weather with some think tights and a cardigan, but I loved to show off her adorable dimpled arms and knees in this hot little number.

I was just so impressed by the quality and the professionalism of The Baby Bird Boutique. Each item is handmade and you can even see pictures and read bios on their website of all of the seamstresses who make your sweet baby clothes - I loved that personal touch! I'd highly recommend The Baby Bird Boutique for that special everyday or occasion outfit for your little princess - you won't be disappointed! The sweet folks at The Baby Bird Boutique gave me a special discount code to share with all of you - GOFAST for 20% off!

Friday, February 9, 2018

Health Care Options for Todays Modern Families

Let me tell you a story. Brayden's dad got laid off when I was 4 months pregnant - talk about stressful, right? We were both in Real Estate and the market was tanking hard and fast in Arizona. His dad decided to go into residential real estate, which meant that we were responsible for our own health care coverage -ouch. The options were overwhelming and just so costly. We scraped by with a bare bones plan after he was born, that didn't cover much, and had zero prescription coverage. When Brayden was 3 months old he was diagnosed with acid re-flux and his medication was over $150 a month - which is a lot to handle with newborn expenses and only one income.

I wish that there was an option like SingleCare back when we needed it. SingleCare offers savings on prescriptions, dental and vision coverage, and even they have virtual doctors visits available (how neat is that?!)

SingleCare is free to join and you can start saving immediately - simply by presenting your savings card at any of the 35,000 nationwide pharmacies they work with. You can schedule online doctors visits, or visit a SingleCare eye doctor or dentist too. So many ways to save!
The SingleCare website is very user friendly. Type in a prescription drug and it will immediately populate the price for all of the pharmacies nearby. They even have extra coupons that can be applied for additional savings. I couldn't believe how much you could save by shopping around and how easy it was to compare prices via SingleCare.

They have an easily downloadable app that allows you to compare health care costs, without worrying about in-network coverage, deductibles, or coverage limitations. You discover upfront what your healthcare will cost you. In the end, you have more convenient and straight forward coverage options, that help save you money on doctors visits and prescriptions. SingleCare delivers modern healthcare options for today's families. Please let me know what you think about this post - are you interested in learning more? I'd love to hear your thoughts and remember - sign up for SingleCare today!

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

My 2018 Fitness and Nutrition Goals

About a month ago, I posted some of my 2018 goals on my Instagram page HERE. "They" say that it takes 21 days to form a habit - so I thought now would be a great time to check in with myself and share with you how I was doing!

Drink at least 100 ounces of water a day - I easily drink over a gallon of water a day in the warmer months but when its chilly outside I struggle. I so far have been really good at this goal - I think the big thing that has helped me is finally finding a reusable water bottle that I love. I take it with me everywhere and its super stylish to boot (hey, whatever works, right?!

Focus on Hip Strength - My hips started acting up when I was pregnant with Taylor and the pain sometimes flares up during training. The pain is not always present, I tend to only focus on them when they hurt, versus what I should be doing, daily maintenance to keep them healthy and strong. I have been pretty good at incorporating the Myrtl Routine into my workouts about 3 times a week and focusing on cross training exercises to strengthen my hips from all angles.

I do have to share that I am a HUGE believer in Collagen Protein, and since I have been taking it for the past 9 months my hip mobility has GREATLY increased. Collagen reduces joint pain, improves cardiovascular health, and boosts muscle mass, all while supplying you with a healthy does of protein per serving! My favorite brand is Great Lakes Gelatin Collagen Protein. I've found that it's effective, the best value, and the only Collagen that is truly tasteless. I add two scoops to my morning cups of coffee and reap the benefits all day long!

Continue to wake up early to get in my cross training Tone It Up videos - this has probably been the easiest goal for me to stick too. Yes, the waking up early will never be easy (but hey, that's what coffee with a large scoop of collagen is for, right?!) but I truly LOVE and look forward to these videos so much. They are high energy and effective and I just love the results I get from doing them.

Continue to meal prep veggies twice a week - I was on a roll prepping huge trays of veggies twice weekly in December and thought for sure I'd be able to continue the trend in January - but alas, this has been the one goal that I've fallen short on. I'm still eating healthy (most of the time!) but have stopped the veggie prep. I have been embracing salads more though and have resumed eating veggie sandwiches for lunch - so I think I'm doing a decent job of getting in some greens daily!

Continue to not shy away from the hard stuff - I wanted to pick races, runs, and workouts that challenge and change me. This is why I'm a HUGE believer in my Great Lakes Protein Collagen - it allows be to embrace and go for the tougher training runs and high-impact cross training moves because I know my joints will be protected and my body will be recovered to do it all over again every single day. I have been banking some sky-high mileage and training paces that I never thought possible, but with the recovery tool of Great Lakes Collagen Protein, ANYTHING is possible.

Just this week I signed up for the toughest race of my life. A half marathon with over 600 feet of elevation gain in the first half - its basically one big uphill climb - and I'm going to do it pushing Taylor in the stroller! I'm honestly so excited for it and can't wait to embrace the challenges and tough runs that will come with this training cycle. I know I am strong enough to handle it.

Are you curious about trying collagen for yourself? The wonderful folks at Great Lakes Gelatin have allowed me to share a discount code with you. Now through March 15th, you can save 20% off their entire online shop with discount code GLGLife20. I'm for sure stocking up on my favorite Collagen Protein which you can find HERE.

If you're already an avid collagen protein user - what benefits have you seen? How do you take your collagen? How are you doing on your goals for the New Year?

Monday, January 22, 2018

How to Make Shopping With Babies Easier

The logistics of being a new mom always seemed to throw me for a loop. I had our routine down to a t (for the most part...) at home, but actually leaving the house took lots of planning and anxiety. I know it's good and necessary to get out though with my baby so I found a few ways to make our outings run pretty smoothly.

 Here are my tips for shopping with your baby:

1. Give yourself time - as in, allow yourself waaaaay more time than the actual task entails. Planning to run into a store to grab a few quick items? Cushion that trip wit an extra 15 minutes on each end. The extra time will allow you to not get (too) frazzled when your baby needs a last minute diaper change (after they are already strapped into the car seat!) or if you have to stop and feed your baby while out.

2. Plan ahead and prioritize. Make that list of what you need from the store and prioritize your errands in case you need to bail halfway through. Some days I will write down 5 places we need to go - knowing full well that's it's very unlikely that I would make it to the last few stops on your trip.

3. Come with reinforcements. You guys - this is a total GAME CHANGER. When little Taylor was young, I never put her infant seat in the front part of the shopping cart. It scared the heck out of me - it just didn't seem secure. So I'd put her huge bulky baby seat in the main part of the shopping cart, and then pile my groceries all around her, jenga style,  - it seemed goofy, but I didn't know what to do!

 I was recently introduced to KartStraps, which are these amazing straps designed to safely secure infant car seats to the front part of shopping carts! So genius, right?! I just wish that they were around when Taylor was smaller - these would have saved me so much stress while shopping (not to mention ROOM in the cart too!) You can find out more and purchase your own KartStraps HERE (they are under $20!)

4. If all else fails, bribe them! Stuff your diaper bag ahead of time with fun little engaging toys, special snacks, and other things that your baby will find entertaining and will buy you some extra time to get your errands done.

5. Bail. If they're not feeling it, abort your shopping mission and go home. There's always tomorrow, Amazon Prime, or nap time when you can try again, plus they are only this little once, amIright?!

Do you have any tips on shopping with your babies (or toddlers...)? Share them in the comments, I'd love to hear!

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Holiday Feeding Guide

The holidays truly are a magical time when babies are around - but they can also mean that feeding littles can be thrown off their schedules. You may be eating more meals on-the go or at a relatives house, which requires more planning ahead for success - but it's worth it!

I've partnered with Nuby to share some of their baby feeding essentials that are huge helpers during the holiday time (and ever day too!)

Garden Fresh Fruitsickle Tray - These freeze and feed popsicle molds are my favorite! You can freeze fresh fruit and veggie purees in these 1 oz molds for easy and mess-free healthy eating. If I need to get something done, like prep dinner or send a few work emails, I will give my little girl one of these in her highchair and it will keep her occupied and full while I get to work. They are sized for little hands, BPA free, and have wide curved bases to reduce drips.

Long Handle Feeding Spoons - These have been my go-to spoons with all of my babies. Their long handles make it easy to reach into long jars and cartons and the BPA plastic feels great in my little ones mouth. In my diaper bag we always keep an on-the-go feeding bag which has a reusable bib, table wipes, and one of these spoons in it. I know that even if we have to eat out spontaneously, at least we have our favorite spoon with us, which makes the whole process so much smoother.

No-Spill Twin Handle 360 Wonder Cup - These are the best trainer cups! They have a no-spill soft silicone rim all the way around the cup that allows your baby to drink from anywhere on the rim, and is soft and gentle on tender mouths too. IT's made of durable tritan material and the handles are perfectly sized for even the tiniest of hands to grip. Little ones tend to gravitate towards a favorite cup and always making sure you never leave home without it will make your holiday on-the go feedings go much more smoothly, in fact, we tend to stash an empty wonder cup in our car, and always carry fresh water, so that we know we always will always be able to offer our little girl fresh water in her favorite cup, no matter where we are headed.

While I cant make your holidays less hectic, I hope this post helps alleviate some of the stresses that can accompany feeding your little one on-the-go during the holidays!

Friday, November 24, 2017

Holiday Teething Guide

It's the most wonderful time of the year - except if you have a tiny tot that is teething! My poor girl seems to be cutting teeth like crazy during the holidays. Not only can teething effect some babies sleep, eating, and temperament, but it can cause added stress to the whole family - and who needs more stress during this time of year, right?!

I partnered with Nuby to share a few of their innovative teething essentials that my baby girl loves. I hope they help you and your teething tot too!

NanaNubs - This is the cutest little teething toothbrush that looks like a banana, but honestly we use this all around the house - it's our little girls favorite on-the-go teether too! It's designed to instill good and positive dental habits from early on and the super soft silicone bristles can easily be used to massage your infants gums, offering temporary relief from teething pain. The little handles make it easy for little hands to grip and hold onto this themselves.

Happy Hands Teething Mitten - Raise your hand if you have a hand chewer?! My sweet baby loves to gnaw on her hand when she's teething. The smart folks at Nuby designed this teething mitten that has a velcro strap to fasten securely on a babies hand. The mitten itself has a crinkle sound and multiple silicone textures, all designed to soothe and satisfy any baby who is cutting teeth.

Fruity Vibes Teether - This is the best thing ever! Fruit shaped and made of extra soft silicone, this teether works like a pacifier to fit in your babies mouth. It provides a dose of extra relief though, because when they bite down on it, it produces gentle vibrations that instantly comfort their tender gums by increasing circulation and blood flow to the their tiny little mouths.

I hope tis post gives you some great ideas and products to look for yo help your teething baby (and you) have the happiest holiday season!

Monday, November 20, 2017

Holiday Gift Guide For Fitness Lovers

Whether it's something to help soothe their sore muscles, pretty new gear to get their sweat on in, or a cool new gadget that will give them miles of enjoyment, this list roundup will surely have something on it for every fitness loving female on your list (yourself included!)

1. Lumintrail Light - One thing I dislike about Winters is how dark it is in the mornings and evenings. We LOVE to go on family walks after dinner, but I just don't feel safe taking the stroller out in the dark. I found this bike light from Lumintrail that easily attaches to my stroller handlebar and lights up our pathway perfectly! It's amazing how much light it sheds onto the sidewalk in front of us. The light slides right off of the bases when it's not in use, and even comes with a rechargeable USB so there's no need for a bulky battery pack. A must have for any active family - I can't wait to use it on early morning stroller runs too!

2. MyoBuddy Massager Pro - This machine is incredible. It allows you to give (and receive!) professional grade deep tissue, warming, trigger point, and vibrational massages anywhere. It allows you to treat trigger points and can relieve pain from everyday aches and athletic soreness. You guys, it makes you feel sooooo good, almost immediately. The convenience is key too, you can plug it in and have a professional grade massage in a couple of minutes! No more achy back or sore calves. My hubby and I treat ourselves to a few massages a year, because of our active lifestyles, we feel like they are worth it and an important part of recovery. A few times a year though never seems like enough, so I can't wait to see the long term cumulative effects of being able to have regular massages and quicker workout recovery from using this massager almost daily! This is the perfect gift for any active couple!! Save $100 off your very own MyoBuddy Massager 11/22 - 12/4 with discount code SPAMY. 

3. Believe Training Journal - This journal is the best and I ask for one every year for Christmas. Designed by Lauren Fleshman and Roisin McGettigan-Dumas it's a guide that allows you to record and plan your training for the year Sprinkled throughout are training lessons, teachings, inspiration and quotes. It tends to sell out early so order yours before the end of the year!
4. Lululemon Align Pants - aka the best leggings ever!!! If you're a leggings -lover (and seriously, who isn't?!) these are a MUST HAVE. They are buttery soft, seamless, and make your backside look amazing. I wear them for workouts and casually as soon as the temps dip. They release new colors all the time and they tend to sell out immediately so make sure to stalk lulu on Tuesday evenings when they upload fresh products. 
5. Sports Research Organic MCT Oil - I am obsessed with this stuff!! I have always been a HUGE fan of Sports Research Collagen Peptides and am as equally pleased with their new Organic MCT Oil too. This oil is derived from coconut oil, and is easily absorbed, providing a quick and reliable energy source. I add a small dose to my morning coffee and it not only gives me a great burst of energy yo fuel my morning run, but it also helps power my day by increasing my energy levels all day long 0 its amazing. 
6.Headsweats Beachy Trucker Hat - Every fitness lover needs a good hat (or like five...) in their life and this is one of my all-time favorites. The beach is my happy place so I absolutely love the graphic on this hat, but the fit and wear-ability is why I keep coming back to this particular style. I've worn this hat for training days and tough races and it always fits well and washes up like a charm. I always get compliments when I wear this hat!
7. Altra Escalantes - If a pair of shoes could change a girls life, Altras would be my life-savers! These shoes are the best fitting shoes around due to their foot shaped platform. Once you try Altras, you'll never go back to "other" running shoes again. I chose the Escalante models for my guide because I love to wear these for running as well as casual wear. They are equipped with Altra Ego foam which provides the perfect balance between energy-returning push-off power and plush, springy cushion. That, combined with the engineered knit upper and sock-like fit makes them an excellent daily choice while training or on rest-days too!
8. No Sweat Tank by RBTL - tanks that can go double-duty are a no-brainer. This No Sweat tank from Read Between The Lines is a smart choice while training and for rest-day lounging too! It is crazy soft, drapes perfectly, is completely breathable, and I'm in love with the tone on tone colors. A portion of every purchase of this tank (and everything else on the RBTL site) goes to benefit MANA Nutrition and Rolling Dog Farm non-profits - I love purchases like these that you can feel SO GOOD about making.
9. Very Veggie Gift Set from Urban Accents - Us fitness lovers know we need to eat our veggies, so this is the perfect gift set!! This set is packed full with five different HUGE sized seasoning blends specifically made to compliment all of the veggies you love (or wish you loved :)) They are incredible - and such a favorite in our home already. Last night I seasoned some cauliflower with the Manchego and Roasted Garlic blend and my hubby proclaimed it was the best tasting cauliflower he has ever tasted! There are easy-to-use directions and suggestions on each package and really you can't go wrong gifting this to any foodie on your gift list this holiday season, but trust me, make sure you puck one up for yourself too, and you'll totally eat more veggies in the New Year!
10. Lush Bath Bombs - What fitness lover doesn't love a good bath?! Bath Bombs take bathing to a whole new level and are such a perfect stocking stuffer. Some of my favorites are from LUSH - I just love their scents and how colorful and fun they look!
11. Athleta Criss Cross Sweatshirt - Nothing beats a cute and comfy sweatshirt that you can live in all Winter long. I just love the front criss cross styling of this sweatshirt from Athleta and know it will be perfect to toss on after a early morning workout to take the chill off. It will be the one piece that I will reach for again and again and is dressy enough to wear out to dinner too - sold!
12. Aftershokz Trekz Titanium Wireless Headphones  - I have these and LOVE them to pieces and think they would be the most perfect gift for any fitness lover! Yes they are lightweight and comfortable but what I love the most about these wireless headphones is how safe they are! They use a bone conduction technology that allows you to hear your music perfectly but your ears remain uncovered - its crazy but they work so well. They come in some fun colors and these really are the absolute best headphones around.
I hope this round up helped give you some ideas (for others and to add to your wish lists too!) It's my favorite season of the whole year and I can't wait to celebrate - happy holidays!!!