Sunday, June 24, 2018

Vacation Wardrobe Packing Essentials

Anyone else a chronic over-packer? I tend to stuff my suitcase full and then wear the heck out of maybe five pieces all week long. I wanted to highlight those pieces that worked OT for me, and that I got asked over and over again on IG for outfit deets whenever I posted pictures in them. Hopefully this will help a sista out when you pack for your next getaway!

1. Carefree Tee Dress in Stripe from Athleta
This is a fantastic little number, made from the dreamiest double lined cotton / sustainable lenzing modal blend fabric. Truly my new favorite dress, I wore it to the beach with flip flops, layered it with a denim jacket and sneakers for the farmers market, and dressed it up with sandals for an evening dinner! With pleats, the cutest stripe detail, and cap sleeves, this dress can do no wrong. I'm wearing a size small (which is one size up from my normal XS Athleta size).

2. Road Trippin Shorts from Billabong
These are the comfiest and cutest shorts you will ever own! I love the side detail and the fact that the have an ELASTIC waist (and hello -not pregnant, just enjoy the comfort of a waistband that is forgiving and won't sag by midday!) They are a shorter inseam but don't feel at all exposed. I have these in the olive color and in chambray and am really wanting them in a third color too - I love them that much! I am wearing size small and would say they fit true to size (I'm usually a xs-s in shorts).

3. Ably Luna Cowlneck Pullover in Black
For me sweatshirts are always something I'll throw into my luggage at the last minute and then wear every single day, multiple times a day, all vacation long - it seriously never fails! This cowlneck pullover from Alby is sweatshirt perfection, Fitted and structured, it's polished enough so you don't feel frumpy, but comfy enough that you want to wear it all the time. and since you'll be wearing it all the time, it's so great that it's made out of their signature filium activated fabric that actually repels stains and odors - making it the most perfect vacation pullover of all time. I'm wearing an XS which gives it a more fitted look. If you want a more loose fit or feel then I would for sure size up.

4. Saha Strappy One Piece in Klein Blue
Every fantastic beach vacation needs a fabulous swimsuit and I have found bathing suit perfection in this stappy one piece! It's the prettiest shade of blue, has slight padding on the cups, moderate-full booty coverage (don't even get me started on what teenagers are wearing to the beach these days...) and the most adorable strappy back and shoulder ties! Seriously, my inbox on IG was blowing up asking for details on this suit. I am wearing a size small and would say it fits true to size.

5. Altra Solstice in Black
If you only have room to pack one pair of shoes on your vacation (flip flops don't count!) then pack these powerhouses! The black knit upper and foot shaped design is super comfortable (I wore them all day at Disneyland - comfortable!) but they are also sleek enough to pair with skinny jeans for a day of adventuring! We tend to log a ton of steps while vacationing, I love to stay where we can walk to lots of things, so if you can combine comfort and fashion all in one shoe - I'm sold! They are also incredible running shoes for logging some glorious vacation runs - double duty shoes are my jam. I wear a 9 in these which is my normal running shoe size.

6. In addition to all of the above I'd for sure also recommend packing a pair of dark blue skinny jeans that pairs with everything, a pair of black leggings, and a stack of your favorite tanks and v-necks in shades of cream, charcoal, black, and burgundy. Add in a lightweight oatmeal colored sweater and you should have a ton of versatile options for mixing and matching all vacation long!

What is a I missing that is another vacation packing must-have item? Share with me in the comments below!

Friday, June 1, 2018

Backyard BBQ's, Baseball, Beards, and BODYARMOR

The weather is heating up big time in Phoenix and we are trying to spend as much time outdoors while we still can. We wanted to have a little backyard BBQ, hang out, do a little swimming, grilling, and just relax, enjoy each others company, and also watch the D-Backs game. We were missing a few essentials for our meal and I didn't want to drag the kids into the store, so I used my favorite #MomHack ever - Fry's ClickList.

ClickList is the best thing ever. You order your groceries at home, from your phone or computer, and then specify an hour window of when you're going to pick it all up. When you arrive to the Fry's store, you don't even have to get out of your car - they wheel your groceries right out to you!

We had the most memorable ClickList experience that day because not only did THE Archie Bradley, All-Star Pitcher for the Arizona Diamondbacks, in his full-bearded glory bring out our load, but an entire news camera crew came a long with him!

To say I was shocked and starstruck was an understatement! 

He was at the Arizona Fry's Food Store because he is an official BODYARMOR athlete and was there to surprise and delight his fans and Fry's customers with personal attention and caseloads of complimentary BODYARMOR.

I have been a big fan of BODYARMOR for a few years now. I love that they are a better for you sports drink, made with real fruit juice and coconut water for optimal hydration. Since I worked with them last, they have launched a few new products that I am super excited about. They have their new BODYARMOR Lyte which is sweetened with stevia, but still has all of the real fruit and coconut water goodness as the original formula, just less calories. 

They also have an Electrolyte Sports Formula SportWater that is amazing for runners. This last training season, I started drinking a full liter of electrolyte enhanced water the afternoon before a long run and I really feel like it helped super-hydrate my body for all the work I put it through the following day. BODYARMOR's formula is made with a proprietary blend of potassium, magnesium, and calcium for maximum athlete hydration. I'm a HUGE believer in electrolyte waters so I'm super excited that my favorite brand BODYARMOR now makes one! I think I'm going to start filling my water bottle with this super hydrating water for all of my summer running excursions to help keep me extra hydrated.

So enough rambling on about how our grocery trip went (although I'm still shaking, thinking, did that really happen?) now onto our BBQ spread!

Adam grilled up tasty chicken sausages and I made a yummy pasta salad that we served up alongside some sweet little apricots (my favorite!). We quenched our thirst with ice cold bottles of BODYARMOR that my new bestie, Archie, hooked us up with too. Oh and the Diamondbacks won and Taylor learned how to jump in the pool so it was a good night for us all!

Have you ever run into anyone famous? If so, who and where were you at? When do you drink sports drinks: before, during, or after a run?

This Post was sponsored by BODYARMOR.

Friday, May 4, 2018

Cool Indoor Summer Activities For Your Kids

Summer is approaching which means the temperatures are starting to really heat up here in Arizona, If you live on the surface of the sun (like us), or just want a handy reference for those rainy summer days, I've made a list of fun indoor activities that I plan on doing with my kids this summer!

I showed this list to my son and he got so excited - and wanted to start doing the things immediately - I hope it's a hit with your little ones too!

Cool Indoor Summer Activities For Your Kids:

Scavenger Hunt
Write a Comic Book
Read a Book
Indoor Bowling with Plastic Cups
Decorate a Cardboard Box
Make Paper Airplanes
Blanket Fort
Tea Party
Macaroni or Cheerios Necklace
Playdough or Homemade Sand
Cook or Bake Together
Handprint or Thumbprint Art
Summer Journal
Paint Rocks
Make Roads with Painters Tape for Cars and Trucks
Tic Tac Toe with Paper Plates
The Floor is Lava!
Turn Your Bathtub into a "Pool"
Indoor Picnic
Make Pop-sickles
Goldfish Color Graphing
Tie Dye Shirts
Movie Night (or Day!)
Hide & Seek
Play Store
Finger Paint
Make Recycled Crayons
Dress Up
Make Picture Books
Balloon Volleyball
Learn Origami

Since we do spend a lot of time indoors in the Summer in Arizona, lately I've been all about keeping our home as comfortable as I can. We recently got a Quilo 3in1 Tower Fan and I'm super impressed. We have it set up in our downstairs playroom/media room becuase we spend so much time in there everyday and it is keeping me and the kids so cool and happy!

Quilo is a fan that uses wind and water to cool using evaporation. It blows cooler than a fan and operates much cheaper than a traditional air conditioner. In fact, I read that it actually uses less energy than a standard tablet does while charging - pretty impressive!

Once we fill the water tray, the fan will take warm indoor air, and turn it into cool air with a hint of moistness - filling our room with a fresh breeze which is so refreshing during the summertime! If we want it to be even cooler there is a tray that we can fill with ice to make the air even cooler.

It comes with a programmable timer and a handy remote too! If you ant to learn more about the Quilo 3in1 you can visit their website HERE. What are your favorite indoor activities to help you stay cool in the Summertime?

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Healthy, Nut Free, Protein Packed Snack Ideas

As an athlete and on-the go mom of two, snacks are always a big deal for our family! When can I have a snack? Did we make sure to pack the snacks? What did you pack for my snack?

Since so much time is spent snacking, I try to make snacks work for my family and I, not against us. This means planning and preparing snacks that are healthy, filling, and high in protein. High protein snacks that will fuel our bodies, satisfy our hunger in between meals, and boost our energy.

Usually if you think high protein snacks, you think of nuts, but don't we eat nuts in our household because my little girl is severely allergic, which can make finding simple healthy high protein snacks a little more challenging, but I. Here's a list if snacks we all love in our house, hopefully this gives you some new healthy snack ideas!

String Cheese - These are perfectly portioned and so tasty on their own, but often times I like to give them an extra dose of protein and wrap them in a slice or two of turkey deli meat -yum!

Hard Boiled Eggs - Our family loves these - I often buy a dozen and just boil them at the beginning of the week, perfect with just a little salt and pepper.

High Protein Low Sugar Yogurt - I love the Icelandic Skyr varieties. When berries are in season, I love to top there with some fresh raspberries too! Plain yogurt makes a tasty sour cream substitute with a hefty dose of protein too.

Sunflower Butter with Apple Slices - Sunflower butter is a must have for anyone that needs to avoid Peanut Butter. Beware, some varieties have added sugar, so just be sure to check the label before purchasing. It tastes amazing on anything that you'd normally eat PB with - spread on crackers or dipped into mini carrots are more of our favorite ways to enjoy it.

Jerky - No doubt my son and hubby's favorite snack! Make sure to look for high quality jerky meat that's grass fed, nitrate free and/or organic.

Pumpkin and/or Sunflower Seeds - Roasted and Salted these taste amazing. You can also make your own nut-free trail mix by combining seeds, and dried fruit like raisins and dried cranberries.

Edamame- My kiddos love these little green legumes! Trader Joe's sells big bags of frozen shelled edamame that you just need to defrost and enjoy!

Hummus - My favorite dip packs a huge protein punch and with so many flavor varieties on the market today it's such a yummy treat. Some of my favorite dippers are cucumbers, baby carrots, sliced yellow peppers, and pretzel slims.

fizzique Sparkling Protein Water - I'm a huge sparkling water fan and when I heard that fizzique makes a sparkling water that has 20 grams of protein per can, I couldn't wait to take my first sip. It's super yummy, almost creamy, and super refreshing. It truly helps satisfy my hunger, and sweet tooth, in between meals, and gives me a fizzy energy boost too! These cans are available on Amazon or at You can use discount code AMYJAYFIZZIQUE to save 10% off your order!

What are some of your favorite high protein, nut free snacks?

Monday, April 2, 2018

Healthy Dinner Solutions For Busy Families

If your home is anything like ours (and I'm guessing it is!) weekday afternoons and evenings can be downright hectic. With juggling homework, babies needs, housework, after school activities, we have every intention of getting a nutritious home cooked meal on the table nightly - but in all reality, who honestly has the time?

Enter Prep Dish into my life - what a great idea this is! Prep Dish makes eating healthy hassle free and enjoyable. It saves you time and helps you get delicious and nutritious meals on the table for your family and helps eliminate some of that weekday madness.

When you sigh up for Prep Dish they send you a weekly menu, designed to easily fit either gluten free or paleo lifestyles effortlessly. They plan a week's worth of healthy meals for you, placing great thought into maximizing your budget, saving you time, an making sure your taste buds are satisfied. They also rely on seasonal ingredients so that your food will always taste fresh and flavorful.

In addition to the weekly menu, they'll also give you a grocery list and instructions. Their plan is designed with one two hour meal prep day, where you'll do the majority of the meal preparation, leaving you 5-20 minutes worth of cooking and plating tasks at dinner time.

I downloaded the Gluten Free Menu for the Second Week of April and couldn't wait to mix it up for my family this week. We seem to always be in the same dinner rut so this part of the menu was very exciting for me. Mustard Dill Salmon? Chicken and Bell Pepper Tacos? Shrimp Stir Fry? My taste buds were for sure salivating just reading that weeks menu!

I opened it up and got a printable shopping list that I could use to check my pantry and then purchase the remaining items I needed from the grocery store. There was a also step by step instructions for my prep day. I see friends all over Instagram using Sundays as meal prep days and I was super excited to get on board with this too. I love how I could get most of my week's dinners prepped and prepared in just a couple of hours, freeing up valuable time on hectic weekday nights.

Last Sunday I shopped for my groceries in the morning, and then while my baby napped I spend just over two hours chopping, dicing, measuring and mixing everything out, so that on dish-day there is minimal time and effort that I need to give to feed my family.

You guys, these dishes turned out incredible! I was a little nervous that my 8 year old wouldn't love the seafood dishes but he tried them and was all smiles (and even asked for seconds!) On especially busy nights when we had after school sports, I was so so thankful for the extra weekend prep work that I did, and because of that I was able to give my family a wholesome nutritious and home cooked meal - when before hand we would have probably opted for greasy takeout. 

With subscription options starting at just $14 monthly or $99 for a whole year - Prep Dish saves me so much time and money, that I would have spent in drive-thru and food delivery fees, it really is no-brainier for any busy family.

The amazing folks at Prep Dish have a greed to give all of YOU two weeks free of their healthy meal plans. Click HERE and enter code GOFAST at checkout! I can't wait to see how amazing your meals turn out!

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Rompers and Trucks - Our Girlie Little Tomboy

When I first found out that I was having a baby girl, my mind immediately started to daydream about all tea parties, painted nails, and adorable outfits. I had been a boy mama for seven years prior and was ready for some PINK in my life!! Adam, on the other hand, started secretly thinking that we could be raising the next Gabby Reese or some other female sports star. Now that Taylor is 16 months old, she has developed quite the personality of her own, she is the PERFECT mix of girly cuteness and rough and tumble toyboy - as shown in these pic that I snapped all in one afternoon - told you she was busy!!

 We recently discovered The Baby Bird Boutique and I instantly fell in love over their darling handmade rompers, peplums, and jumpers. They have every color imaginable available and are always coming out with fun new designs and prints for holidays. This red Veruka Romper is part of their limited edition Valentine's Day Line and I love it so much it has the cutest sweetheart neck and an open back design that ties around the neck. Winter decided to skip Arizona this year so we just paired the romper with some fringe moccs and a headband, but this could be easily "winterized" with some thick white cable knit leggings and a black sweater and your little sweetheart would be good to go to celebrate the day of love!

 This darling hot pink number is from The Baby Bird Boutique's Solid Peplum Shine Bright Collection It has an open back deign and a tie around the neck too with a sweetheart v neck opening and a wide flare peplum design. The unique thing that I love about this piece is that you can buy it big and wear it as a dress, and then when your little girl grows, it becomes a darling top that you can pair with little ruffle bloomers, shorts, or leggings! What a versatile and genius design.

 This last one is such a heirloom piece - the solid sleeveless bubble jumper from The Baby Bird Boutique. It comes in several classic and traditional colors but I fell in love with this deep plum one. I love the exaggerated bubble romper fit and the wide straps. Again, this could be dressed for color weather with some think tights and a cardigan, but I loved to show off her adorable dimpled arms and knees in this hot little number.

I was just so impressed by the quality and the professionalism of The Baby Bird Boutique. Each item is handmade and you can even see pictures and read bios on their website of all of the seamstresses who make your sweet baby clothes - I loved that personal touch! I'd highly recommend The Baby Bird Boutique for that special everyday or occasion outfit for your little princess - you won't be disappointed! The sweet folks at The Baby Bird Boutique gave me a special discount code to share with all of you - GOFAST for 20% off!