Sunday, August 21, 2016

Baby Girl's Nursery Reveal

I have basically been mentally planning my baby girls room for the last 20 years. So as soon as we had that magical ultrasound at 18 weeks confirming she was indeed a SHE, I jumped at the chance to begin planning the perfect little room for her! I knew I wanted plenty of peach, pink, and coral, my favorite colors, with gold accents. I had already purchased her a crib and dresser at an amazing second-hand price, that was antique black, which I thought would add a great contrast to the girly color palette.

I fell in LOVE with these sweet muslin patterned blossom crib sheets the moment I saw them and sort of designed my nursery around this style, sweet girly boho. The crib skirt is actually just a yard and a half of fabric I purchased from Hobby Lobby! It went perfectly and was super inexpensive.

I knew I wanted a collage over her crib. I made or painted most of these pieces. The pink framed print over to the left has a VERY special meaning to me. It reads "Be Your Bravest". I got it less than a week after I started dating Adam. I knew I REALLY liked him but was so afraid of getting invested and getting hurt and I knew i just had to Be My Bravest and go for it, and believe that my happiness was worth it. I got this print when shopping at a craft fair with Brayden and put it in my bedroom so I could see it every morning. I LOVE that it is now going to hang over our baby girls crib.

I knew I wanted to make a dream catcher to hang near her crib and love how this one turned out!

Across from her crib is her dresser. I've always just put a changing pad on top of the dresser.

 I fell in love with these giant paper flowers I saw all over Pinterest and knew I had to make some for her room. The first flower I made took an hour and I got 3 glue gun burns in the process and almost gave up! I picked the project back up a couple of weeks later and powered through in a few hours and I'm so glad I did! I LOVE how they tuned out and think they look so pretty on her wall!

This is a super comfy rocker we purchased from Target in a soft grey fabric. I love the pink and white blanket and throw we got from the anniversary sale at Nordstrom. The framed print actually was hanging in our hallways going up the stairs but I quickly realized that it was PERFECT for above the rocker. Not only do the colors match exactly with her decor, but the quote is from my FAVORITE band of all-time Mumford and Sons and reads "Love the One You Hold..."  The band is actually coming to town 11 days before her due date and we have AMAZING seats...if she doesn't make her appearance eraly!

I just love how her nursery turned out, so peaceful and perfect. I find myself going in there at least once a day to just sit and rock and dream, I waited 7 years for this little girl and I can't believe
I get to meet her in less than 8 weeks!


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