Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Mommy and Me Baby Yoga

Taylor and I attended out first Mommy and Me yoga class a few weeks ago and we LOVED it! It was so much fun to learn a new way I could play and bond with my babe! I learned from the class that using props and sounds was a great way to keep the babies engaged and entertained. During the class we sang baby songs and nursery rhymes while holding most poses and also incorporated scarves and a bell into some movements (Taylor particularly loved how the scarves blew in the wind!)

I decided to give Mommy and Me yoga a try at home, this time using my new Mala Prayer Necklace. I knew Taylor would LOVE the tassel on the end and I loved how chic it looked. My favorite is the Iona, it has striking shades of white, grays, and a little periwinkle stones and is supposed to calm your emotions. It gives the perfect yoga-chic look to my practice!

All Mala Prayer Bead Necklaces are sustainability handmade by artisans and 20% of their proceeds are donated to charity. I love wearing something with so much meaning while I'm practicing yoga with Taylor. Right now, all Mala Prayer Necklaces are 50% off! I already plan on gifting my mom the Candra Mala, for Mother's Day!

I shot a quick video of 5 of my favorite Mommy and Me Yoga poses. You can see how the tassel on my Mala necklace really helps keep little Taylor's attention and adds to her fascination of the practice!
Do you do Mommy and Me yoga with your little one? If so, what are your favorite poses?

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