Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Easter Basket Ideas For Big Brother

I have to start off this post with this adorable pic of when my little boy (who is now SEVEN) first experienced Easter. His dad gave me a hard time about the ears ("they are too girly" he said) but I LOVED them!

I previously blogged about Easter Basket ideas for his baby sister HERE, and I didn't want to miss out on the older kiddos. I'm all about fun and USEFUL Easter basket ideas because no kids needs more piles of candy or cheap little trinkets that will end up in the trash by weeks end.

Since Easter usually signifies warmer weather ahead I wanted to focus Brayden's Easter basket on outdoor fun toys that he can not only use at our neighborhood park and pool, but when we take our vacation to the beach this summer!

His favorite thing to do at the beach and park is play in the sand so I wanted to include some fun sand toys from Educational Insights. They are my go-to for great quality, fun and innovative toys!

I included this Rocko the Styracosaurus Dump Truck in his basket and it looks like a ton of fun! It's park dinosaur and part dump truck and it can be used to pick up and move sand from both ends. He loves to carve out little roads in the sand too and I can see him driving this around the sandy terrain all day.

I also was excited about this Geo Safari Jr. Great Excavations Turtle. My son always gets so excited about the buried "treasures" he finds at the park or beach. I can't wait to see him sift sand and shake it through the turtle shell and then "examine" it closer with the included magnifying glass and tweezers. So much fun!

I also will be including this cool new pair of swim goggles and a new swim shirt in his basket. For some reason my boy has been in the same pair of swim trunks for about 3 years, I keep trying to buy him a new bigger pair, but they fall right down! He can use a new swim short though because those take  beating every year in and out of the chlorinated pools.

What are some non-candy items you like to include in your kiddos Easter baskets?

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