Monday, April 17, 2017

A New Way to Clean with Kids

With small kids in my home, I am super picky abut what chemicals I allow in. I try to pick the greenest cleaners around, but sometimes I wonder if those are entirely safe? When I clean I like to get my oldest kiddo involved, I am blessed to have a 7 year old that absolutely LOVES to help out his mama.

Earlier this week, we tried out a new cleaning tool that I was really excited about, the High Performance Dusting and Cleaning Glove from E-Cloth. When used with water, its microfibers remove more than 99% of bacteria, mites, dust, and dirt - I couldn't wait to have my little helper try it out! Cleaning with no chemicals and just water?! I was definitely intrigued and couldn't wait to put it to the test. 

I put him to work wiping down our counters and tables and it picked up so much! The microfibers trapped and locked in so much grit and grime - I couldn't believe it! IT even polished up my granite and worked wonders (no streaking!) on my stainless steel fridge! I couldn't wait to use it myself to tackle some bigger projects I've been putting off like fans and baseboards, Once I start cleaning, I like to get it all done!

What I love about the cloth glove too is that once you're done cleaning, you can toss it into the wash and it comes out good as new. They are made to last for 300 or more washes.

This cool cleaning glove was featured in Parent's Magazine's April Issue and is available in Ace Hardware stores nationwide starting on May 1! It's for sure being added to our kid safe and approved cleaning arsenal!

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