Monday, April 24, 2017

Booty Band Workout

I'm a huge fan of cross training and strength training. My day is 100% better if I get up before the baby and take 15-30 minutes for me and run through a quick at-home circuit of strength exercises. It helps keep me strong and injury free and it really just makes me feel so good, getting my day started with a quick sweat session.

I love these workout bands from TNT Pro Series . Adding resistance bands to any move will make it much more effective and build strength much more quickly. As a busy mom and athlete, I always try to get the most out of every sweat session because there really is only so much time in the day!
One of my favorite ways to use resistance bands is when I'm working my booty. I shot this video over the weekend of 5 of my favorite booty exercises using the bands. I'll usually repeat this circuit a few times and if you do too, you'll surely be feeling it the next day (in a good way!)

I filmed this video using the set of 5 TNT Pro Series Resistance bands which you can purchase HERE for less than $15 shipped. I truly believe that this is the most versatile and effective at-home piece of fitness equipment you can have. Takes up next to no space and you can use them in so many ways. 

What is your favorite way to use resistance bands? Please share, I'd love to hear!

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