Thursday, April 27, 2017

My Favorite Ways to Play with my 6 Month Old

6 month is such a fun age! Their hand-eye coordination is developing and they can grasp and hold things for a short while, They are taking in the world around all the time and find such joy and fascination in the little things - everything seems to be new and exciting to them! Here are a few of my favorite ways to stimulate my little six month old:

1. Take It Outside
In the stroller or in her favorite carrier, we both love taking walks together outside. In the rare instance that my almost always happy baby gets fussy, a quick walk around the block or even the backyard, will usually change her mood.
Our favorite Baby Carrier is from Jublii Baby.

Like the rest of our family, baby Taylor is happiest when she's outside. We I love that shes old enough to go on the swings too when we play at the park.
One of my favorite mom hacks is to always have a good tote bag in my car filled up with sand toys to play with. When you have 30 minutes to kill in between kiddo appts you can make a quick park pit stop easily. My tote is from Brittany Garner Design and I LOVE it!

Sometimes we feed her outside just for a change of pace (and easier cleanup too!)

2. Toys she can safely put in her mouth
Ever wonder why babies of this age always put things in their mouth? The simple answer is because they are teething and those poor swollen gums HURT. But, did you know, that at this age a babies strongest sense of touch is in their mouths? That's why they often explore and examine new tings by putting them in their mouths! That's why I love having a variety of safe teething toys at her disposal so that she can explore that sense of touch and satisfy her need to munch!

We both love these teething rings by Zen Mamas. Taylor loves these vintage inspired crochet teething rings. Being able to chew on the soft oven jersey fabric is especially soothing to her.

She also loves these geometric teething rings too. The soft silicone geo beads are nice and stimulating and the additional wooden rings give her something fun to grasp and double as a fun rattle!

If you'd like to try some of these teethers for your own sweet babe, you can use my discount code, GOFAST for 15% off (through June 30th).

3. Baby Yoga
At home, with a group or at a local studio, I invite you to branch out and take a baby yoga class with your little one.

We recently found a free class at a local kid-friendly coffee shop and we both LOVED it! The instructor used fun props like scarves and singing fun nursery rhymes into poses and Taylor loved it! I think she also enjoyed seeing the other babies and their mamas too - she an be a total ham!

4. Library Story Time
We met some of our very best friends at baby story time at the library when my first born was little. You can usually find a list of programs your local library offers either online or at your local branch. Our library's baby story time was so much fun and focused on fun finger plays and baby movement to songs, playing with music making toys, listening and reading a story out loud, and free play time where babies could crawl around (when they are able) and the parents can interact with each other (my favorite haha!) It really is a great, and free, way to get out and connect with your baby, and maybe make some great new mama friends that have babies the same age!
And sometimes, all you need is some playtime with your furry BFF at this age :)

What are your favorite ways to play with your young babies? Please share, I'm always looking for new ideas too!

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