Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Baby Wearing Benefits Everyone

We are an active family and cherish our walks together. We are so blessed to have two kiddos that 100% prefer being outdoors than indoors. Spending time outdoors together is hands down our favorite way to bond as a family and I always like to wear my baby on our walks together.

 I love to have her close by and wearing her on my chest feels like I'm giving her a big hug the whole time, and I love how it keeps my hands free so that I can hold the dogs leash, toss a ball, or even hold hands with my oldest.

Not only is wearing your baby convenient when they are little, there are so many other benefits to baby wearing for both the mama and the baby. Baby wearing offers many other advantages such as: happier, healthier babies, more confident parents, more successful breastfeeding, and less likelihood of postpartum depression. Carried babies are also able to learn language more quickly because they are positioned at voice and eye level while being worn. Pretty incredible, right?

Already being a HUGE fan of baby wearing, I was stoked to try a carrier from Jublii Baby. I'm going to be 100% honest with you, I've tried many many baby carriers and this is hands-down the most comfortable carrier I have ever worn. The straps are perfectly padded, taking pressure off my shoulders, and the waistband is nice and thick to support my lower back. Even the positioning of the straps across the shoulders is spot on, making things feel super secure.

You may be thinking, well that's great that YOU'RE some comfortable Amy, but what does your baby think of her Jublii carrier? She loves it!

She is a happy camper every time I've worn her in the carrier and many times she's been so cozy, she just falls asleep! Also, since each and every Jublii carrier is custom made, they made the carrier with a super breathable mesh front because we live in super hot Arizona and Summer is coming soon here.

You also get to custom select the fabric that you want for your carrier. I love the fun bright colors of mine!

Utterly adorable, super convenient, ultra comfy for both mom and baby, and unsurpassed quality and attention to detail - I'd recommend Jublii Baby Carriers to all of my friends having babies (I'm looking at YOU!)

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