Monday, March 6, 2017

My Favorite Organizational Mom Hack

It's a good thing that babies are born babies and not a 7 year old with bustling busy schedules - it gives us moms time to ease into things a bit. Last year my oldest was in kindergarten and soccer and swimming and I was pulling my hair out at the 800 million different outfits he needed to have for his specific activities every single week. It took one mini melt-down (by both of us) when we realized it was PE day at school and his PE uniform was dirty and in the bottom of the laundry basket 30 minutes before school started for my mommy brain to realize there must be a method to this madness. It took me a couple of months to figure out that a simple $9 item could save us at least 1 hour or more of stress a week!
My little laundry helper.

Enter the closet clothes organizer into our lives. I proudly purchased this baby from Walmart over the Summer and was so excited to put it to use.
Best $9 ever spent.

Every Sunday after doing the wash, I grab my planner and start laying out my sons wardrobe for the week. It's crazy ya'll. He goes to a public charter school that wears uniforms, which you'd think would make life easier but Nooo. His school is on a 3 day rotation, which means every 3 days they have a different special and every special requires a different shirt (or different shirt and pants if its PE day) to be worn. And if you think that's crazy, just wait until you have to start helping them with their math homework (I think I need a tutor for myself for that!)
The line up. Excuse the mess in the background. #RealLife

So anyway, I look his activity and school schedule for the week. This week it's a lighter week because he doesn't have scouts;
Monday: Art day at school
Tuesday: Music day at school and Soccer Practice at night
Wednesday: PE day at school and Swimming Practice in the afternoon
Thursday: Art day at school
Friday: Music day at school and karate after school
Saturday: Soccer Game

Ready to go for the week - let's all breathe a sigh of relief!

I gather up everything he'll need for each activity (even the underwear and socks, because have you seen how slow a 7 year old moves in the morning - it's positively sloth-like) and put it in a bin. He knows the drill and gets himself dressed for school in the morning or activities after school and there are no fights, no last minute scramble looking for a missing soccer sock or clean PE shirt, they are all right there. Not to be dramatic in the least, but it really is life changing and totally worth the $9! What is your favorite mom hack?

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