Friday, March 24, 2017

Fresh Tastes for Baby

Starting baby on solid foods is such a fun and exciting time! Since I prefer to make as many of our meals at home, I wanted the same first foods for little Taylor.

I knew I wanted to make her baby food, just like I had with my first born, but I knew there had to be an easier way. Seven years ago, when her big brother was a baby, I would cut and steam his fruits and veggies on the stove or in the microwave, and then transfer them to a food processor or blender, and dirty a million dishes in the process. It took all day, but I thought that was the only way, so that's what I did.

Fast forward to 2017 and the BabyCook entered my life! This thing is amazing. You plug it in and fill the side with water, add fruits or veggies to the steam basket and press a button. In 15 minutes (or less) it perfectly steam cooks your produce. Then with a flick of the switch, you blend the food in the same container, adding water to thicken or smooth out the food to the perfect consistency for your babe. It's so easy and really the coolest thing.

Until recently, BabyCook was only for sale online. They are now available in Target stores and BabyCook is running a fun Instagram promo. For the month of March, if you take a picture in front of a BabyCook at Target, either with your baby or your bump, upload and tag it #BabyCookTarget you are entered to win a weekly contest where the prize is a $250 Target Gift Card. Easy peasy!

I usually meal prep about 4-5 different kinds of produce for Taylor a week. I'll portion out her pureed food into little silicone molds (they look like covered ice cube trays) and then when they are frozen, I'll put them in a freezer baggie with the name of the food on the front. She usually eats 2 cubes of food, 3 times a day. After she has eaten the same new food for a few days in a row and shown no signs of allergies or irritations, I'll introduce a new food. I'll usually mix the new food in with an old food, and often combine a veggie with a fruit, so her food is never too sweet or too "vegetably" either.

As easy as it is to meal prep baby food for little Taylor, there are still some times that I am not feeling up to it or am too busy and that is why I LOVE Mini Fresh! They are a local Phoenix company that makes all organic baby food sourced from local ingredients and then delivers it FRESH within 5 hours of it being ready. Incredible, right?

Here's a little bit about the company:

The owner is so sweet and she dropped off some off-the-hook delicious treats for both Taylor and I to try! So far she tried the Super Green and Grain, which is a mix of kale, broccoli, asparagus, and potatoes and also the Lentil Power which had lentils, potatoes, carrots, and rosemary. Not only did both of them SMELL amazing, but they also tasted so so good. Of course I had to try them both, I would't give my baby anything I wouldn't eat myself! I love that they each had a hint of fresh rosemary added. A little flavor complexity to baby food is a great thing!

The Power Bites they make are so incredible! I wish that I had a real life picture of them, but between myself ad my hubbie, we demolished them in 2 days (good food doesn't last too long in our house haha!) But seriously, these were loaded with super yummy, and filling, oatmeal, coconut oil, chia, flax, coconut, dates, and a tiny but of chocolate and were so so good. I had one for breakfast the morning that I did my recent 9 mile stroller run and it gave me so much sustainable energy! These are something I really would love to have on hand in my fridge at all times (I just need to find a good hiding place in there from my hubbie :))

Mini Fresh makes so many other cool things including these fun edible teething rings (Taylor loved the taste!) , lactation bites, and even healthy toddler food too (MUST remember this for when Taylor gets older. I feel like my first born LIVED off of goldfish crackers from ages 2-4)

Currently Mini Fresh only deceivers to the Phoenix Metro area but they are working out plans to deliver nationwide in the near future (yay!). If you're a local mama, I strongly suggest that you give their items a try. I noticed on their Instagram page that they are also at several local farmer's markets so that would be a great way to try them too.

Do you make or buy your babies food? What are some of their favorite flavor combos? Please share as I'd love to find and try some new ones!

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