Sunday, March 26, 2017

An Easter Basket for Baby

Is it just my kiddos or does it seem like EVERYONE wants to give them a basket or have an egg hunt with them? Last year my oldest got Easter baskets from all 3 of his Grandmas and us (so that made FOUR) and participated in THREE different Easter Egg hunts. Holidays can be a bit excessive nowadays and that's why in  our family we like to give Easter baskets that are both FUN and FUNCTIONAL.

I wanted to start this series off with Easter Basket Ideas for Baby. Little Taylor is almost 6 month old so I wanted to think of some things that she would be doing and needing over the next few months and include them in her Easter Basket.

Since we are going on a vacation to the beach this summer (can't wait!) and swim suit season is just around the corner, I couldn't resist this adorable one piece suit from Sun Snap Swimwear. It has an adorable ruffle sleeve and cute pink polka dot pattern, but what really sold me are the GENIUS gusset snaps that make diaper changes a snap! No more wrestling with a tiny slippery wet baby that needs a diaper change. Love, love, love.

Bath time is going to be moving from the sink to the tub soon and I am SO EXCITED to introduce bath toys to Taylor. I loved these bath toys from Oli and Carol because they have NO HOLE in them, thus eliminating the concern for trapped water and yucky mold or bacteria growth! Each one is impressively hand painted with food safe colors, which is good because Taylor loves chewing on them already! I loved the classic Elvis the Duck in the super girly Pink color and since it's Easter I couldn't resist Bob the Bunny too! I think they will make great playtime pals in the bath!

I also wanted to include in this cute Animal Soap Sox. I can imagine making up a fun "Baby Gator" song (to the tune of Baby Shark - don't you love that song - so fun!) and washing down her little body during bath time! Hunter the Gator will surely ease any fears little Taylor may have about bathing in a big tub!

Taylor is obsessed with these light up wands that Target makes every holiday. She loves to grasp them and bang them on everything and watch them glow! One will surely be tucked sweetly into her basket this year.

Cute, huh? We also picked up this adorable boho basket from Target's dollar section! It was actually $5. (Anyone else feel a little duped now that the Target DOLLAR section has items up to $5?!)

I also love to always give a special holiday themed book each year too. Brayden was a huge fan of touchy-feely books when he was a baby and Taylor has just started to feel and everything so I know she will love them too! This "That's Not My Bunny" book looks like so much fun. Usborne always makes really high-quality books.

What special things do you like to include in your babies Easter Baskets? I have a Big Brother Easter Basket post scheduled next that will include some fun and practical non-candy solutions too!

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