Friday, March 10, 2017

Powered by the Sun!

Living in the Valley of the Sun, it only seems fitting that we would get to test out a fun new toy from Educational Insights - The Solar Rover. It's a really cool buggy-shaped car that requires no chargers or batteries, it is COMPLETELY powered by the sun! Really, how cool is that?!

We day we got it we were super excited to try it out, as it comes completely ready to go, right out of the package. My 7 year old immediately got the hand of it, knowing that he had to maneuver his hands to block the panels to make the cars top and adjust them over the panels to make it go right or left. It's a little challenging - and that's what makes it fun (for both kids and adults!)

The Solar Rover also comes with small plastic traffic cones that you can use to built a stunts course and wither try to drive your solar rover around the obstacles or, in our case, we just tried to barrel right through the cones we set up!

What I love the most about this and other Educational Insights toys are that they are creative and so different, not what you'd see in every mass-merchandise store that you walk into. They also help to get my kiddo outside and in the backyard to play more often. We were just remarking, how in years past, my son would play in the backyard all day long but now that he's growing up, it's harder to find outdoor toys that engage him. We have a handful of Educational Insights toys now and they are all favorites and really help us to spend more time outdoors together, having fun! What are some of your families favorite ways to have fun outdoors together?

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