Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Learning to Sleep Without the Swaddle with the Zipadee-Zip!

My baby has always been a stellar sleeper. We discovered early on that she loved and needed to sleep tightly bound in a swaddle in order to feel secure and to help muffle the startle reflexes that she would get while sleeping. She was already sleeping through the night by 3 months old but as her swaddling days were dwindling down (once babies can roll over, it is not safe to swaddle them anymore) I feared we would all be awake at night again. I began doing research on options to transition her out of the swaddle but still be a class A sleeper.

I found the Zipadee-Zip and couldn't wait to try it. This is another mom- created invention (she was on Shark Tank for the Zipadee-Zip!). Here's what the creator said inspired her invention, "
"Our daughter who had slept wonderfully while swaddled, all of a sudden started waking up multiple times acting like she was no longer comfortable in her swaddle. To top it off, she had started rolling and breaking free of her swaddle so swaddling was no longer safe. The problem was, Charlotte refused to even fall asleep without the swaddle. We tried every sleep sack on the market and any swaddle weaning trick we could find on the internet for nearly two weeks and nothing worked to get her to fall and stay asleep." 

Her story sounded just like mine!

The Zipadee-Zip comes in Sizes Small-Extra Large and can fit babies 3 months all the way up to a 5T toddler. If you visit there site you can see that the fabric choices are endless and there are heavier and lighter wight fabric choices to select from depending on the season. This sleepsuit can be used as a pajama alternative or you can dress your babies in their PJs underneath the sleeper. That is what we chose to do and it worked great. I have a flower Zipadee-Zip for Taylor in size Small.

Taylor transitioned out of her swaddle and slept through the night again after her second night in her Zipadee-Zip! It worked amazing! She also takes all of her naps in this sleeper. She is loves her comfy new sleeper.

A few things about the Zipadee-Zip that I think make it stand out from the crowd is the arm and leg design. The cavities that the limbs go in for this sleeper are a little short so when the babies suddenly jolt awake while sleeping, they are instantly met with resistance from the fabric and calmed. I'll hear little Taylor a few times moan or cry out during the night but it will only last 5-15 seconds max and with the help from her Zipadee-Zip she will quiet and roll back to sleep on her own.

I also love that her hands are covered while she sleeps, especially for nap time. My baby is a mover and she often like to rub her face and eyes while she is waking up and I love that with this sleeper, her face is protected so she can't accidentally scratch or poke herself in the eye. I'll often go get her after sleeping in her Zipadee-Zip and she will be sucking on the sack where her hands are (my girl loves to hand suck!)

The Zipadee-Zip is essential for my baby for restful sleep during nap time and the night and it successfully helped transition her out of sleeping swaddled and I can't recommend it enough!

The company also makes amazing teethers called Trendy Teethers that they sent us and I wanted to mention too because these were the first teethers that my baby could successfully hold on her own! She loves them! I love them too because they have a clip to attach them to babies clothing (like a paci clip!) so they are always nearby and won't fall on the ground - genius!

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