Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Math Fact Practice Made Easy with Math Slam

Who else feels like it is pulling teeth to get their kiddos to practice their math facts on the daily? Flash cards get repetitive and worksheets are just boring. That's why I was so excited to find the Math Slam game by Educational Insights! It's Math Facts in a GAME and my 7 year old LOVES it!

Math Slam is a fun and bright interactive game that allows you to choose with Addition or Subtraction problems and 4 different levels of difficulty.

Once you choose, it will present a cycle of 13 questions, each with 4 possible answers. Your child will then "slam" the correct answer and before moving on to the next question. The quicker the correct answer is selected, the more points are earned. Oh, and incorrect answered questions are recycled until the correct answer is chosen - I love that!

My son loves to play with his Math Slam and we noticed if we kept it out and near whatever toys he was paying with, he's absentmindedly pick it up and start playing a round several times a day, essentially practicing his math facts on his own - without being asked!

 So, thank you so much Educational Insights for offering this fun educational toy that makes practicing math fun for my first grader (and way less stressful for me!) You can purchase your own Math Slam game HERE (Trust me, you will love it too!) What part of your children's homework routine to you look forward to the least?

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