Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Transitioning my Baby out of the Swaddle with Baby Merlin's Magic Sleepsuit

Don't hate me, but my baby is an incredible sleeper. By 2 months old she was sleeping 5-6 hour stretches and by 3 months she was sleeping 7-12 hours through the night. Trust me, we KNOW just how lucky we are. I realized early on that my baby loved and needed a tight fitting swaddle in order to fall asleep and sleep securely through the night.

As she was approaching 3 - 3.5 month old I knew that her days of being able to sleep swaddled were getting numbered. Once a baby can roll over it it is no longer safe for a baby to sleep swaddled for obvious reasons. Bound and determined to avoid the dreaded 4 month sleep regression that I hear and see posted all over social media, I began doing research on a suitable sleep transition for my swaddle-loving babe.

I came across a company that makes a product called Baby Merlin's Magic Sleepsuit. It was designed by a mom of 4 and a pediatric physical therapist (I LOVE Mom invented products!) and was pegged as a swaddle transition product - which was EXACTLY what I needed! I couldn't wait to try it out!

The Magic Sleepsuit is an innovative design that helps babies feel secure and helps to muffle their reflective startles, helping them sleep stronger and longer (and without the swaddle!)

The Magic Sleepsuit comes in two different fabric choices depending on the season and environment your baby will be sleeping in. I chose the Cotton Sleepsuit in 3-6 month size (My baby started using this when she was about 3 months old and it fits her great!)

Much to my happiness, my baby successfully transitioned out of her swaddle and continued to sleep through the night with her Magic Sleepsuit by night 3! The first night she slept in her new suit she woke up one time at 1am and I comforted her and nursed her back to sleep. The second night she slept until 4am in her suit and again, I rocked and fed her back to sleep. By the 3rd night she slept through the whole night and has every night since in her Magic Sleepsuit!

What impresses me about this product is the multi-layered by design, to help ease babies back to sleep on their own should they startle or wake up while sleeping. She does wake up a handful of times a night (like everyone does) and may let out a little cry or moan, but then falls back immediately to sleep because of the comforting layers that the sleepsuit provides.

I seriously can't recommend this suit enough!

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