Sunday, February 12, 2017

Kamagon Ball Review and Workout (Great for Postpartum Runners!)

Having babies is the most wonderful thing in the world - however, it left me with little to no core strength afterwards. My back ached and my stomach area felt completely unsupported. I sought our exercises to help rebuild my core strength and transverse abdominals, not for vanity, but for pure functionality. The core is the center of your bodies powerhouse I I knew I had to get them firing again before I could attempt to reengage any sort of regular running routine.

In my research I discovered a new workout functional powerhouse - hydro interita training. Hydro-inertia creates instability while you perform exercises, forcing you to use more muscles to stay balanced - especially engaging your deep core, transverse abdominal muscles. It also mimics real-life situations far more than just standard stationary dumbbells helping you can more strength and functional fitness in less time - the busy mom that I am was sold!

In the workout video below I am using the 9" kamagon ball. It's a soft ball with two side hand grips and can be used in place of any dumbbells or kettlebells. You can fill the kamagon ball with 1-13 pounds of water, with the easy to read indicators on the side of the ball, to vary the weight and resistance of your exercises. I preformed these exercises with 6 pounds of water in my ball.

At home morning strength and cross training workouts are my jam and I think that with a few key pieces of equipment you can get a killer training session in. I always recommend a set of resistance bands and this new kamagon ball has been an ultra effective swap from my dumbbells. If you're interested in getting one for yourself you can shop HERE and use discount code SPHF25 to save 25% off now through 2/28/17.

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