Saturday, February 4, 2017

Little Boys Love Bugs - GeoSafari Jr. Bug Vac 'N' View Review

If there's one thing that goes hand in hand with little boys it's BUGS (and dirt too - they seem to be magnets to all things messy and dirty!) I'll admit, we ALL were excited when this GeoSafari Jr. Bug Vac 'n' View came in the mail and couldn't wait to use it!

First of all, what a cool, different toy! It seems from talking with other moms that I'm not alone in this, but kids nowadays seem to have everything and need nothing when it comes to toys so it makes it really hard to think of something to buy for them that they'll actually get excited about! Let me tell you, we ALL got really excited about this fun little bug vac!

Running off several batteries, this cute little green frog-shaped vacuum is a fun, safe, and easy way to catch and collect all sorts of crawly critters. We took the Bug Vac 'n' View on our evening walk the first day we got it (I told you we were excited!). When my 7 year old found a bug he wanted to explore, he pushed a button on the vac, which sucked the insect into an attached clear little collection box. The little collection box has a built-in magnifying glass and air-holes so the crawling critter can breathe while it's getting examined. When we were all done looking at our specimens we could return our newfound insect friends back into nature, safe and sound!

As a mom, I love anything that gets my kids outside and active, and this was such a fun addition to our outdoor family and play time! We can't wait to take it to the park next week with our friends to explore and see what kind of bugs we can find next! 

You can find out more information and purchase your own GeoSafari Jr. Bug Vac 'n' View HERE. This would be a sure-fire-hit of a present for the next birthday party your kids are invited to!

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