Monday, July 3, 2017

Frozen Pop Pool Day

We live in Arizona, where in the Summertime any outdoor fun must revolve around a pool or a frozen treat. We recently combined the two for an at-home frozen pop pool day and now our pool time just got a heck of a lot cooler!

I wanted to tell you about the coolest frozen pop maker I've ever seen. The Zoku Triple Quick Pop Maker makes frozen pops in just about 7 minutes! Talk about instant gratification!! After freezing the base overnight, your pop maker is ready to go.

You simply add a pop stick into the molds, and in your favorite ingredients, and watch your pop freeze before you eyes. It's almost like magic!

Last week, after a particularly hot day of backyard swimming, we decided to come in and cool down with some homemade frozen pops. We have been loving blueberries lately (they are so sweet!) so we wanted to make some creamy blueberry pops.

We combined a low sugar yogurt, with a low sugar organic juice and some blueberry slices, and before our eyes, the ingredients were transformed into yummy healthy frozen pops!

These turn any pool day into a special occasion! We have already planned a frozen pool play date for my son and his little besties for next week. I can't wait to let them great their own frozen pop creations!

What would be your ideal frozen pop creation?

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