Sunday, July 23, 2017

Fun in the Sun

Pop Up Tent by Fun in the Sun - This is such a fun way for our baby to stay cool and have fun outdoors! This tent has a UV rating of over 50 SPF and pops up in a matter of seconds (it even has stakes to help securely hold it down if its a windy day!). It's nice and roomy, but my favorite thing about it was the bottom can be filled with water (using the included collapsible water bucket) providing a shallow little water "puddle" for sweet babe to splash in.

I loved how this kept my 8 month old safe and shaded, while giving her a fun little sensory play with the water. She loved kicking her feet in the little bit of water. I loved that this can be easily transported for beach vacations as well as trips across town. I'll know she'll always have a way to stay cool and play too no matter where we go.

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  1. I got an idea to keep baby invovled in something enjoyable.