Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Cool Pool Toys For Kids!

We recently moved into a house with a pool and it has been such a blessing during the Summer with kids! Nearly ever single day you will find us splashing around and cooling down in the pool. The pool is one place where the whole family can have fun and play together. I wanted to share some fun water toys that we have been loving lately that can be used outdoor in a pool, or even indoors in the bathtub, for some fresh water fun!

Yookidoo Musical Duck Race - This is one of the coolest water toys I have ever seen! When you place toy in water, it has suction cups to keep it steady, and turn it on, it becomes a fountain, spraying water from the top.

It has little bright and colorful plastic ducks that float along the base of the fountain that can be picked up and placed on top, changing the water fountain pattern. All the while, the green leaf can be pushed to play a variety of fun melodies that remind me of the songs you'd hear in the It's a Small World ride. So much fun. Our whole family loves this toy, and our baby especially loves sucking on the duckies and getting squirted by the gently falling water stream.

GeoSafari Jr. Subscope from Educational Insights - This was a fun toy for my 7 year old! He is right at that age where he loves exploring an using his imagination. This subscope is shaped like a submarine and has 2x magnification and is a super fun way to explore objects in the pool from ashore.

It's monsoon season here so bugs and leaves often find their way into our swimming pool and he had a ton of fun sticking the scope under the water and zooming in to take a closer look (but not TOO close haha!). He also came up with a fun game: From the edge of the pool he's throw a few diving toys to the bottom, wait for them to sink, and then use the Subscope to check them out and plan his "route for capture" before diving in a retrieving them! Love his creativity!

Marcus & Marcus Silicone Bath Toys - These may be classified as bath toys, but we use these all day, every day. They are some of my babies favorite toys to chew on and they are something I can feel good about letting her chew because they are BPA free.

 I also LOVE that they are made with a detachable design so that you can open them and let them air dry in between water play session to prevent any mold from ever growing. We use them in the pool and bath alike, and always make sure we toss one in the diaper bag before leaving the house to keep her happy while we're out too!

They have so many cute designs but her favorites seem to be Lola the Giraffe, the color changing Rocket, and the Submarine.

SoapSox Minnie and Mickey - These are the cutest things ever for kids that always have to have a lovie in their hands! These innovative scrubbers are made from a soft terrycloth material, so they feel like a washcloth, but look like their favorite Disney character!

They are a fun way to coax a reluctant swimmer or bather into the water and make for a fun way to engage in pretend play with your kids in the water too. My baby clung onto these tightly each time I gave them to her and then promptly stiffed them into her mouth (which I'm told, is the baby equivalent of two thumbs up!) Such a fun toy for any young Disney fan!
Playgro Bath Duckie Family - Anyone else's baby obsessed with that duckie video on YouTube? Three little duckies went swimming one's a favorite in our house so I knew these ducks would be a HUGE hit! AS soon as I got them out of their plastic netting they went straight to the mouth - which is the baby sign for two thumbs up! We love playing with these int he pool and during bath time too.

Do you enjoy playing with water to stay cool in the Summertime? What are some of your families favorite pool toys for kids?


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