Thursday, July 6, 2017

What He's Been Loving Lately (7 year old edition)...

I've been having a blast with my 7 year old this Summer. 7 is such a fun age, he truly is my best little buddy and I love having him home with me all Summer. I am truly so sad that our break is more than halfway over and that I'll have to send him back to school in only a few short weeks! I wanted to share some of the fun things we have discovered lately and love.

ZIPIT Grills Large Backpack My son LOVED this from the moment we saw it online! It has a super cool gender neutral design and we love that when the sipper unzips it reveals a shiny metallic set of "grillz". The back is nice and padded too and is really well made. I love that it's fun and unique and that he can use it for school (his school won't let him wear anything with pop culture references on it - so this is perfect!).

I just had to share, he was so excited when this came in the mail that he has to pack it up immediately for an overnight trip up north. Literally we were staying one night and he packed an entire suitcase and backpack full of things. I don't know where he gets his urge to over-pack!!

Movie Night - This is hands-down my sons favorite thing to do and it couldn't be easier! We either find a movie for free on Netflix or Amazon Prime or rent one on Apple TV, lay down some comfy blankets and pillows in the living room, pop some popcorn and all settle down together. I love that he still loves to do simple family things like this together because I know when he is a teenage that most likely won't be the case!

Marcus & Marcus Kids Chopsticks These are so fun!! We have been all about trying new foods this Summer together. We experiment in the kitchen and check out cookbooks from our local library. When we went out for Sushi to celebrate his dad's birthday, he wanted to try using real chopsticks - which didn't go over too well.

When I saw these kids chopsticks I knew they would be perfect! We tried them out at home while eating chicken lo mein one night and they were a huge success! He even asked for extra veggies because those were the easiest to pick up with the sticks!

Games - We have been playing lots of games together this Summer, especially when his sister goes down for her afternoon nap. We have several favorites but Uno and the Lil Lemonade Standoff seem to be in heavy rotation lately.

Do you have school age children? If so, what have you been loving lately?

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