Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Keeping Kids Creative Week

Keeping Kids Creative week is September 18-24, but I wanted to share some fun ways that my kids and I have been keeping creative indoors during our hot Arizona Summer months because when the daily temperatures hover around 110 or higher - we all need to get creative with our indoor play :)

Zoo Keeper Sorter Box from HABA My daughter is nine months old and is so into touching, feeling, and exploring life with all of her five senses right now and that's why this toy is absolutely perfect for her! The rich and brightly colored block shapes can be sorted into the box, but only after sliding the matching little colored towards upwards.

 It's so fun to play this with her because we can practice colors, and shapes, and when sliding the little wooden doors up to "feed" the animal it's correctly shaped block, we can make animal noises together!

Or rather, I can make the animal noises and she can snort like a ping (her preferred and only animal noise of choice right now! We also love to stack and knock down the block shapes together too (another favorite baby pastime that never does seem to go out of style!)

Water Play - Okay technically this is outdoor fun, but there are seriously so many ways to be creative with water (and stay cool in the process!) Some of our favorite ways are: making a toy car or bike "Wash" with a big tub of bubbles and a few sponges, "painting" with water and jumbo paintbrushes on the sidewalk, and making our own sprinklers by cutting holes into empty 2-liter bottles and then sticking the hose head inside.

Hot Wheels Play Tape This tape is SO MUCH fun!! It's a special repostion-able tape that is printed like a two-lane road.

Joining the straight pieces with different angles and corners, and kids imaginations can create the racetrack or city street layout of their dreams! We set up unique street scape in our downstairs playroom and plan on leaving it up all Summer long!

We have all enjoyed hours of pretend play, cruising cars, tractors, and trains over the life-like street design.

 The Play Tape is reposition-able, recyclable, and safe for any smooth-surface, and really a must-have for any car-obsessed kiddo like mine!

You can also check out Pinterest too, as they always are a wonderful and never-ending source of creative ideas for children's play!

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