Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Cutest Girls Dresses Ever: Dot Sot Smile Swirly Girls Dress Review

If joy could be spun into a dress it would be a Dot Dot Smile Ballerina Dress. As soon as I tore open my beautiful package that Jen sent me, I immediately scrunched up the dress and hugged it close to my cheek because it was soft, so soft, and I wanted to snuggle it in.

Then I immediately held it out so I could see the adorable details in all their glory. The adorable v neck and scrunch design in front. The 3/4 length sleeves that highlight her little wrist rolls.

The sweetheart criss-cross back design. And of course, the dreamy swirly skirt - it was love at first sight for sure.

This print is called the Moana print - anyone else's kids completely obsessed with that movie right now? Mine too. I really couldn't love this dress more if I tried.

Taylor is wearing a 6-12 month size and it fits perfectly. It's so stretchy that I think this will be one of those dresses that can later double as a tunic when paired with leggings- double duty wear is always a plus when shopping for kids!

Dot Dot Smile is a family owned company based out of California, and all of their clothing is made in the USA. It is sold by independent business owners all over the country, moms like you and me. My girl Jen, hook you up with the mot adorable ballerina dress for your little princess or any other of their fun trendy, twirly girly clothing options. You can shop her entire collection on here VIP Facebook page here. It's really shopping you can feel good about!

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