Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Favorites Lately - Vacation Edition

We returned home from a family Carlsbad Vacation 2 weeks ago and it was nothing short of magical. There is something about the blue skies, ocean breeze, sunshine, and salty air that just makes EVERYTHING amazing. Not to sugar coat anything, usually vacations with kids, especially when one of them is under the age of one, aren't easy, but they are always worth it. There were a few things that made our trip a little easier and I wanted to share them with you in a Favorites Lately - Vacation Edition!

Block Island Organics Natural Face Moisturizer SPF 30 - Wit the gorgeous weather of southern California, every vacation day was going to be a sun day. I applied this moisturizer liberally every morning all over my face under my makeup and it protected my skin so well. This was a terrific moisturizer and absorbed easily, not making my face shiny. Love that it is made with natural and vegan ingredients like zinc and aloe. I think I'll make this my go-to facial moisturizer this Summer and beyond!

Love Comma Cold Shoulder Top - I absolutely love the effortless style that a cold shoulder top has! Cute and trendy but effortlessly chic. This top offers everything I could ever want in a top: chic cold shoulder design, discreet nursing access, stripes, and is has a sleek front kangaroo POCKET!! Incredible, right?! The silhouette is easy and drapey without being clingy or tight. Feels just like your favorite t-shirt but with an elevated style. I wore this puppy all over San Diego on vacation because I wanted something that was effortless and easy to nurse Taylor in while we were on-the-go. Love Comma hit a home run with this top and it will for sure be one that I wear long after my breastfeeding journey is done!

Bumble and Bumble Don't Blow IT (H)Air Styler - I was introduced to this little miracle worker in a sample subscription box from Sephora and tried it on a whim and am completely in love. It's perfect for adding some texture and volume and enhancing any natural wave you have in your hair effortlessly! I just wash my hair and then rub a little bit of this in and let it air dry, When you're on vacation and you know you're going to spend all day at the beach , you don't want to spend 20 minutes drying and curling your hair. This gives it a really cute textured style that couldn't be any easier. I've been using it all Summer long because I would much rather spend more time playing with my kiddos then tending to my hair - especially in the heat! I'll be upgrading to a big tube once my sample runs out - this is a great product.

Pacific Breeze Pop Up Tent - We knew we wanted to spend as much time at the beach on our vacation as possible and this tent made it possible. It was super easy to assemble in under 5 minutes and had plenty of stakes to hold it down even on one particularly windy day. It provided a great way for us all to seek a little shelter for the sun and totally allowed us to stay at the beach much longer than we could have without it. We found ours locally at Costco about a month ago, so you can check there too! Total lifesaver and something we;ll bring with us every beach vacation going forward.
Zoku Glass Core Bottle - I took this bottle with me everywhere on vacation! I absolutely love drinking from glass bottles (it just makes everything so much cleaner and crisper tasting) but I don't love the fear of having glass break (especially with kiddos around). This bottle has a silicone cushioned bottom that absorbs impact like a champ and has the actual glass bottle suspended in between a double-wall insulating chamber for further protection and thus giving it the ability to keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot - perfect for my post run on the beach water and my leisurely patio breakfast coffee after! I am very particular about water bottles (living in Phoenix I have tried everything it seems!) and ts one checks all the boxes and is my current fav for sure. I'll be carrying this around all Summer long!

What are some of your vacation or summer must-haves?

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