Thursday, June 8, 2017

Never Leave Your House Unprepared Again!

 No matter how many times I think I leave my house with all of the "essentials" packed - i inevitably always forget that one thing that I need!! Enter the Neat Parents Kick Organizer mat, which not only helps keep the back of my car seats clean, but literally SAVES my butt when I forget to pack the essentials.

The mat slips easily over the headrest of my seat and matches my car's grey interior great I hang it over my chair, because my 7 year old sits behind me and he is a great helper, and can dole out the necessities in case we need something while I'm driving. It has three mesh pockets that I like to keep stocked full!

These are my essentials that I like to keep packed in my pockets at all times:

Diapers and Wipes - Wipes for hands and behinds!

Change of Clothes for Baby

SNACKS - For all of us! Make sure it's something that won't melt or spoil




Lip Balm (in a squeeze tube so it won't melt)

Small Toys - Usually something the baby can safely chew on and maybe a pencil for her big brother who sometimes likes to draw or do his homework in the car.

Empty Bags - This comes in so handy!! Can be used to bag up a stinky diaper, put wet clothes in, or just to stuff with trash to help clean out the car!

Since putting our Organizer Mat in our car, our car trips (short or small!) have been so much smoother and cleaner too! Do you keep essentials in your car for your kiddos? If so, what are your must-haves?

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