Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Optical Illusions

This Summer I wanted an arsenal of fun and engaging things for my 7 year old to do when those two words left his mouth, "I'm bored..." One of our new favorite things is our Optical Illusions kit from The Crazy Scientist Lab at The Purple Cow. My kiddo LOVES making things and experiments so I knew immediately that this would be a great kit for him!

It's packaged in a reusable tin box, which I love, because it keeps all of the contents nice and neat. Inside are an instruction booklet and the materials to preform over a dozen experiments. 

Last week we did two experiments together. We made a "jumping ball" - a ball that when colored literally looked like it was moving, and a trickery "Magic Piggy Bank" with disappearing money and all! 

All of the instructions were easy to understand and the experiences were so much fun to do together!

This is a great kit to have on hand for those times when you want to engage with your kid and do something creative together, but it's nice because all of the materials and instructions are right there. It doesn't make a big mess, and the end result of figuring out the experiment and creating something special together are the best reward.

The Crazy Scientist has several other kits that sound just as fun! They have experiment kids with projects about magnets, bubble & foam, and even the 5 senses! A great thing to have on hand to beat Summer boredom and have a blast connecting with your kids!

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