Thursday, May 11, 2017

Doodle a Droodle aka How to Have the BEST Night in with your 7 Year Old

We have been in the middle of a move and I feel like I haven't been able to give my 7 year old the attention that he needs lately. I so desperately wanted to spend quality time with him but I felt so pulled in other directions on things tat I really NEEDED to do (pack, coordinate, clean and take care of his baby sister too). He's a pretty independent little guy and I think sometimes I take that for granted and just let him play quietly on his own while I attend to other activities.

Last week his stepdad (Adam) wanted to take him to an evening sports event that ended up starting at 7:30 so I told him NO at the last minute (I'm a HUGE stickler for bedtimes on school nights.) I decided to make it a fun night with just us to make up for everything.

We made burrito bowls and I had him help cut up the veggies to help. Like most households dinner prep time is super busy and I've been having him help me during that time. He actually likes to help and asks to help and I think its a great way for us to sneak in some time together.

After eating we snuck in a quick backyard game of soccer and then we got to play our new game Doodle a Droodle that came in the mail from our friends at The Purple Cow. This game was SUPER fun!! You pick a "droodle" card which is just a card with a little abstract line drawing on it. You place the droodle in the middle of a white board and must draw a picture around the droodle, to incorporate it in. The other person then guesses what you draw!

Super simple and for sure made us giggle. "Mom, you'll never guess what this is!" Me: "Is it a belt, your uncle. a monster?" Him, giggling "Noooo. I'll give you a hint. It's a guy, that dresses in red around Christmastime..."

I loved that it was super quick and easy to just play a few rounds if that is all you have time for, and really for kiddos, sometimes all they need is a few rounds of a game with their mama to make them feel extra special.

We ended out night with a fancy piece of mint chocolate from a local candy maker (it was amazing) , bath time, and then we all piled in his room for bedtime stories. He ended up telling me that that was his favorite night and he has so much fun. A few days later I found this note in his backpack, so I think I did good :) #CoolMom

 If you'd like to purchase your own Doodle a Droodle, you can find it HERE.

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