Thursday, May 4, 2017

An Active New Mamas BFF - Click Active

As an active new mama I love my protein powder almost as much as I love my coffee! Seriously, the two things I grab first when coming back from my early morning runs are my coffee and then my protein powder to energize and refuel my muscles with some quick nutrition. I was super excited to try Click Active - which is an all-in-one coffee and protein drink mix. A mix that would give me the great coffee rush and flavor I craved while also providing me with 25 grams of muscle building, body slimming protein?! I was sold!

I was very impressed with the taste as well as the clean ingredients in Click Active. It has that yummy coffee house flavor that every mama like me craves with 150 mg of caffeine per serving and also contains glutamine and BCAA's which are very popular in the fitness world right now. These two additives help to maximize protein synthesis, muscle recovery, increase endurance during workouts, and help to reduce body fat. Umm, sold, sold, sold, and soooold.

I'm excited to use Click Active as my post-workout recovery and reach all of my fitness goals this summer!

Speaking of Summer goals, I've been loving this no equipment needed, at home,  total body sequence lately. I do each move for one minute (move #3 I do one minute per leg) to total 5 minutes for each set. Rest of 30-60 seconds in between sets and try to do 3-4 for a super effective total body toner. Let me know if you try it and like it!

1. Plank with Alternating Shoulder Tap
From plank position, reach up and touch your opposite hand to shoulder. Switch sides for one minute.

2. Squat with Side Leg Raise
Squat down and as you stand back up, raise one leg out to side. Alternate sides for one minute.

3. Alternating Forward and Backwards Lunge
Lunge forward with your left leg and then immediately bring that same leg back into a back lunge without resting it on the ground. Continue with this same leg for one minute before switching and doing the forward/backward lunge combo on the other leg for another minute.

4. Plank with Leg Cross Overs
From plank position, lift right leg slightly and cross it over the left leg to tap it on the ground and return to start position. Then immediately lift left leg slightly and cross it over the right, tap on ground and return to start position. Continue alternating leg cross overs for one minute.

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