Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Holiday Feeding Guide

The holidays truly are a magical time when babies are around - but they can also mean that feeding littles can be thrown off their schedules. You may be eating more meals on-the go or at a relatives house, which requires more planning ahead for success - but it's worth it!

I've partnered with Nuby to share some of their baby feeding essentials that are huge helpers during the holiday time (and ever day too!)

Garden Fresh Fruitsickle Tray - These freeze and feed popsicle molds are my favorite! You can freeze fresh fruit and veggie purees in these 1 oz molds for easy and mess-free healthy eating. If I need to get something done, like prep dinner or send a few work emails, I will give my little girl one of these in her highchair and it will keep her occupied and full while I get to work. They are sized for little hands, BPA free, and have wide curved bases to reduce drips.

Long Handle Feeding Spoons - These have been my go-to spoons with all of my babies. Their long handles make it easy to reach into long jars and cartons and the BPA plastic feels great in my little ones mouth. In my diaper bag we always keep an on-the-go feeding bag which has a reusable bib, table wipes, and one of these spoons in it. I know that even if we have to eat out spontaneously, at least we have our favorite spoon with us, which makes the whole process so much smoother.

No-Spill Twin Handle 360 Wonder Cup - These are the best trainer cups! They have a no-spill soft silicone rim all the way around the cup that allows your baby to drink from anywhere on the rim, and is soft and gentle on tender mouths too. IT's made of durable tritan material and the handles are perfectly sized for even the tiniest of hands to grip. Little ones tend to gravitate towards a favorite cup and always making sure you never leave home without it will make your holiday on-the go feedings go much more smoothly, in fact, we tend to stash an empty wonder cup in our car, and always carry fresh water, so that we know we always will always be able to offer our little girl fresh water in her favorite cup, no matter where we are headed.

While I cant make your holidays less hectic, I hope this post helps alleviate some of the stresses that can accompany feeding your little one on-the-go during the holidays!


  1. The No Spill Cup sound amazing! My Boy is getting organic formula out of a bottle till now, but starts to be interested in our glasses and cups. It will be great to get used for him to it. :)