Friday, November 24, 2017

Holiday Teething Guide

It's the most wonderful time of the year - except if you have a tiny tot that is teething! My poor girl seems to be cutting teeth like crazy during the holidays. Not only can teething effect some babies sleep, eating, and temperament, but it can cause added stress to the whole family - and who needs more stress during this time of year, right?!

I partnered with Nuby to share a few of their innovative teething essentials that my baby girl loves. I hope they help you and your teething tot too!

NanaNubs - This is the cutest little teething toothbrush that looks like a banana, but honestly we use this all around the house - it's our little girls favorite on-the-go teether too! It's designed to instill good and positive dental habits from early on and the super soft silicone bristles can easily be used to massage your infants gums, offering temporary relief from teething pain. The little handles make it easy for little hands to grip and hold onto this themselves.

Happy Hands Teething Mitten - Raise your hand if you have a hand chewer?! My sweet baby loves to gnaw on her hand when she's teething. The smart folks at Nuby designed this teething mitten that has a velcro strap to fasten securely on a babies hand. The mitten itself has a crinkle sound and multiple silicone textures, all designed to soothe and satisfy any baby who is cutting teeth.

Fruity Vibes Teether - This is the best thing ever! Fruit shaped and made of extra soft silicone, this teether works like a pacifier to fit in your babies mouth. It provides a dose of extra relief though, because when they bite down on it, it produces gentle vibrations that instantly comfort their tender gums by increasing circulation and blood flow to the their tiny little mouths.

I hope tis post gives you some great ideas and products to look for yo help your teething baby (and you) have the happiest holiday season!


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