Monday, January 22, 2018

How to Make Shopping With Babies Easier

The logistics of being a new mom always seemed to throw me for a loop. I had our routine down to a t (for the most part...) at home, but actually leaving the house took lots of planning and anxiety. I know it's good and necessary to get out though with my baby so I found a few ways to make our outings run pretty smoothly.

 Here are my tips for shopping with your baby:

1. Give yourself time - as in, allow yourself waaaaay more time than the actual task entails. Planning to run into a store to grab a few quick items? Cushion that trip wit an extra 15 minutes on each end. The extra time will allow you to not get (too) frazzled when your baby needs a last minute diaper change (after they are already strapped into the car seat!) or if you have to stop and feed your baby while out.

2. Plan ahead and prioritize. Make that list of what you need from the store and prioritize your errands in case you need to bail halfway through. Some days I will write down 5 places we need to go - knowing full well that's it's very unlikely that I would make it to the last few stops on your trip.

3. Come with reinforcements. You guys - this is a total GAME CHANGER. When little Taylor was young, I never put her infant seat in the front part of the shopping cart. It scared the heck out of me - it just didn't seem secure. So I'd put her huge bulky baby seat in the main part of the shopping cart, and then pile my groceries all around her, jenga style,  - it seemed goofy, but I didn't know what to do!

 I was recently introduced to KartStraps, which are these amazing straps designed to safely secure infant car seats to the front part of shopping carts! So genius, right?! I just wish that they were around when Taylor was smaller - these would have saved me so much stress while shopping (not to mention ROOM in the cart too!) You can find out more and purchase your own KartStraps HERE (they are under $20!)

4. If all else fails, bribe them! Stuff your diaper bag ahead of time with fun little engaging toys, special snacks, and other things that your baby will find entertaining and will buy you some extra time to get your errands done.

5. Bail. If they're not feeling it, abort your shopping mission and go home. There's always tomorrow, Amazon Prime, or nap time when you can try again, plus they are only this little once, amIright?!

Do you have any tips on shopping with your babies (or toddlers...)? Share them in the comments, I'd love to hear!

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