Saturday, September 6, 2014

Doing P90X3 While Training for a Half Marathon

Since I had a longer than normal gap in between completing my 4th half marathon (San Diego Rock n Roll ) at the beginning of June and my next (the Lake Powell Half) in mid October I wanted to train a little differently this time, specifically focusing on my strength training (which has been very lax since starting running).  I loved how running made me feel, but well, I was feeling a little flabby from it.  Maybe it was the holidays, maybe it was the ice cream "rewards" I had been giving myself every Sunday after a long run, I'm not sure, but over the past year I had put on about 8 pounds, which on a 5'3" shortie like me is a lot.  I wanted to use this 5.5 month gap in races to get my figure back.

Since I love the convenience factor of working out at home, and I already owned the P90X3 discs I decided to go that route.  I am a big P90X and Tony Horton fan and have completed several rounds and saw great results with P90X in the past.  I even got to meet the man Tony Horton himself about 5 years ago when he did a local event here in Phoenix.  So cool!
Throwing up the X with Tony Horton!

I'll admit, what first drew me into the X3 program as the workout length.  They are only 30 minutes long!  And the 30 minutes even includes the warm up and cool downs too even.  It's a non stop workout once you hit play and I love that efficiency.

The set comes with 16 30 minute workouts and you can choose the program you follow, which guides you through the order in which you'll complete the workouts. I chose the Classic routine, because it had a nice mix or cardio and strength routines that I thought would compliment running nicely.  Each routine wants you to complete 6-7 workout videos a week.
P90X3, 16 30 minute workouts

On a typical week, I will run 3-4 mornings.  On the mornings I can't run, I get up and do 2 P90X3 workouts back to back.  These workouts are challenging, yes, but are not too tough that you can't do two of them in a row.  Depending on the week, some evenings I will do a X3 routine on a day I have ran in the morning.  I listen to my body, and adjust my routine to how I am feeling, while still trying to get in the workouts I committed to.  I always take one day off, or some weeks, I will just do the Dynamix X3 workout which is a great fluid stretching and strengthening routine instead of taking a scheduled rest day.

I think what I loved most about these routines that I really felt like they really were meant for amature athletes like myself.  I just completed week 9 so I have 4 more weeks to go and I can can tell you that every week since I have started I have felt like I have gotten progressively stronger, faster, leaner, and more balanced. I am much leaner and tighter.  I have increased my endurance and speed with running too.  I now run a lot with the jogging stroller and I can push it for 10 mile long runs which I never dreamed possible before! I also lost all 8 pounds that I had gained over the last year!
Running is my true passion, and I am so grateful that P90X3 made me stronger

I tried T25 and couldn't make it more than a week.  It was way too much pounding on my joints and jumping, and frankly I was scared to death that I would injure my knees so I had to stop, it just want worth it.  I can tell you X3 is totally different.  There is still a ton of strength work, but done in a more non traditional way that makes it more interesting.  There are a lot of balance and strength work that is focused on priming the body to compete athletically.  There is also a lot of focus on strengthening each side of the body separately which I think has made my hips, knees, and joints super strong.  I have been pushing my body with this routine of 25 or so workout videos and approximately 100 running miles a month and have not gotten injured once, and I fully believe X3 has made me more flexible and fit.

In short, would I recommend incorporating P90X3 into your half marathon training?  Heck yes!!  Although I am already seeing physical and mental strength and athletic gains, I can't wait to fully put this training regime to the test on October 18, when I run my 5th half marathon, and my first while pushing the jogging stroller.  Stay tuned!

I am not a Beach Body coach, but a few of my real life blogger friends are!  If you have any questions or want more info on P90X3 or any Beach Body programs, please reach out to them on their blogs: Zucchini Runner, Soto Designs, and Cook and Run with Kristin.

Do you follow any type of cross training routine while training for your races?  What do you do and how do you like it?

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  1. LOVE this post Amy! Sorry it took me so long to read it. If it makes you feel any better, I completed X3 at the end of February and I still haven't written MY OWN review of this amazing program! haha I'm so happy to hear that X3 has made you stronger! Dan and I LOVE Tony and completed 3 rounds of P90X as well, so when we heard about X3 and the 30 minute workouts, we were BEYOND stoked! We've recently created a hybrid schedule of T25, X3 and PiYo. We also did MOST of T25 last summer, but I noticed the same thing!! It was really rough on my joints, while already pounding the pavement. X3 has a great balance of strength training - upper body, lower body, core, etc. Next time we are together, I want to hear about how you meet Tony! :)