Wednesday, August 27, 2014

5 Things I Loved About August

It's almost September... I know, say what?!?! Want to know what I have been loving this month, read on my friends.

1. As of this morning, Summer is officially over around here.  That's right, I send my little off to Pre K for 2.5 glorious hours 3 times a week.  Can I get an Amen?!  Or at least a Mimosa?  Kidding.  Really Pre K is great, I love the structure and the socialization it brings him.
My little man.  Love his smile.

2.  California Rolls with Mango from Pei Wei.  yes, I gave in to the commercials and oh boy am I glad I did!!  Pei Wei's new sushi is amazing.  Their cali rolls have mango in them and come with a tangy spicy citrus dipping sauce.  So freaking good really, since I finished it I have not stopped thinking about the next time I will eat there!  It was one of those kind of meals.
The California rolls in all their glory.  

3.  Arizona State Football season!!  I love supporting my alma mater, this is my second year with season tickets.  College Football to me, just ushers in all the goodness that is Fall.  Before we know it we will have cooler temperatures, layered clothing, and all things pumpkin flavored  Bring it on Fall!!
Me and my good luck butt pillow.  It works, I promise :)

4.  Rain!!  It's officially monsoon season here in Arizona and mother nature has been treating us this month with some pretty amazing rain storms.  The rain produces some much needed moisture here but also some pretty sweet opportunities to run in stormy conditions.  There's nothing quite like going out for a run and trying to beat the rain (I am horrible at this and often get caught up in the rain, but really that's where the fun begins!)
We were lucky enough to get a run in (run in, get it??) with a rainbow in between last weeks rainstorms.

5.  Gah!  Look at this lucky girl that got proposed to at the finish line of the Lululemon Seawheeze Half Marathon.  What an amazing way to get engaged!  Gentlemen, take note, I would personally LOVE to be proposed to this way.  Can you even imagine the runner's high and elation you'd feel after this moment?!
Photo Credit:  Lululmeon Instagram Page

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  1. Sorry sister...but california rolls are NOT sushi =). Go ducks!