Sunday, July 8, 2018

The Importance of Cross Training - Terra Core Review

You all know I'm a runner - I love running. But, would you believe, that I might almost like cross training even more?! I just love the feeling of being able to work my body from all angles, feel my muscles shake, and watch as they grow stronger - it is just so empowering. I love the never-ending variety of cross training exercises and how each day and each workout can be custom tailored to my mood, energy level, or time frame.

I'm also a HUGE supporter of strength and cross training at home. I'm a busy mom or two and I don't want to drive to the gym to get a good workout in. With the Terra Core I can get a hard core, heart pounding, sweat dripping, strength sesh in, quickly and conveniently.

On the Terra Core you are working out on an unstable surface, your muscles are firing and working up to 4x harder than if you were performing the same exact exercises on the ground. Plus, it just adds such a good variety to any strength training moves - it really is a super fun and unique challenge! The exercise options are endless meaning I'll never outgrow my Terra Core - and there are so many ways I can modify or adapt workout moves on them depending on your fitness level. 

It's such a versatile piece of exercise equipment and a must have for any home gym. It's literally like a long, bench shaped balance trainer, that can be used as a stepper and weight bench too. Flip the Terra Core over and that's where the real fun begins! There are four different handles on the underside that allow you to hold a variety of hand positions to take burpees, push ups, and shoulder taps to the next level. Heck, you can even pick the Terra Core up by the underside handles and preform advanced moves like shoulder presses, rows, or squats. You see, the possibilities really are endless with this versatile piece of equipment!

One of my favorite features is that you can scan the QR code on the side of the machine and it will take you to their free app where they will guide you through a series of exercise you can do on the Terra Core depending on what body part(s) you want to work. I love this feature for days when I want to be told what to do instead of designing my own exercise routine. 

The Terra Core is designed to be used on it's own but you can also use it in combination with weights, resistance bands, kettlebells, or booty bands. Traditional standing dumbbell curls only work the biceps. However, if you do standing dumbbell curls on the Terra Core, in addition to working your biceps, you core will fire to keep you upright, your legs and gluetes will shake and engage to help keep you standing on the unit, and pretty soon, a basic standing dumbbell curl will turn into a full body workout - pretty cool, right?

There really are so many exercises you can do on the Terra Core. I love creating full body circuit routines and repeating them three times for a fast paced, full body burner.

One of my favorite circuit routines are:
Shoulder Taps
Toe Touches
Back Lunges
Mountain Climbers
Do 15-25 reps of each exercise (per side) and repeat the entire circuit 3 times through.

Another sequence I've been loving:
Side to Side Jumps
Step Up's
Reverse Side Push Ups
Alternating Heel Taps (laying on top of the platform)
Hip Thrusts
Do 15-25 reps of each exercise (per side) and repeat the entire circuit 3 times through.
End with 25 Bird Dog Extensions.

Really any exercise you can do, you can do on the Terra Cora and get more bang for your buck - you'll sweat more and get in a tougher workout, because if you're going to workout, why give less than 100%? I can't wait to see how much more strength and power I will gain from regular workouts with my Terra Core and how these fitness benefits will translate into not only a stronger physique, but faster race times this Fall. 

What's your favorite strength training move? What about your least favorite, but one that you do anyway, because you know it's good for you?

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