Monday, January 23, 2017

Baby Wearing with Nesting Days

This post is going to make me reminiscent - I can't believe my little peanut is almost 4 months old!

Baby wearing was one of the things I wanted to do more of with my second child than my first. I admit, I was very intimidated with baby wearing the first time around. I didn't know how to "do it" correctly, was worried that my baby may fall out, or they wouldn't be comfy in their carrier. That was why I was so overjoyed when Nesting Days offered to send me one of their carriers to try out!

Instantly I could tell that this carrier was different, It's made out of a lightweight technical yoga-wear inspired fabric (it actually feels and stretches just like your favorite yoga pants!) It doesn't have any complicated rings or buckles or anything that I could potentially "mess up" either. It's a tubular design that I literally could put on in under a minute! I just step into the bottom of the carrier, pull it up to my waist, pull the left arm strap up, tuck my baby in, then pull the right arm strap up and tie. See?! So secure, so simple, and the baby is so sung, happy (and safe!)

I used this so much when Taylor was little. When she got a little fussy or tired, I'd pop her in take a walk outside and she'd instantly fall asleep. We packed it in the diaper bag at Thanksgiving and as soon as she started to cry, again, put her into her Nesting Days carrier and everyone was amazed that she instantly calmed and then fell asleep. Heck, I've even made muffins and meal prepped while little Taylor slept peacefully in her favorite carrier. This thing was a lifesaver when she was little.

Not only is wearing your baby convenient when they are small, there are so many other benefits to baby wearing for both the mama and the baby. Baby wearing offers many other advantages such as: happier, healthier babies, more confident parents, more successful breastfeeding, and less likelihood of postpartum depression. Pretty incredible. right?

The amazing folks at Nesting Days have given me a promo code for you. It's GOFASTMOMMY and will save you $5. You can also stack this code with their special pre-order pricing (which will save you an additional $10 if you choose to order a carrier for shipment in 4-6 weeks as opposed to the normal delivery time!)

Do/did you wear your babies or do you plan on it? Please share!


  1. How old was Taylor when you started baby wearing?

    1. Hi Chelsey! Less than a week old for sure. They recommend it right away because it's so beneficial for the baby and feels almost womb like (especially skin to skin). The picture of her in the carrier with the sun hat on, she was probably about 10 days old there.