Wednesday, January 25, 2017

New Year, Healthy Choices with Silver Fern Brand

I have always been a pretty healthy eater, but ever since I was pregnant and now that I'm nursing I REALLY pay attention to the foods and ingredients that go into my body. That being said, I'm human and still love a good batch of brownies!

I was super excited when Silver Fern Brand reached out and offered to let me try one of their baking mixes. They had several varieties to choose from, but their Natural, Gluten Free Cake Brownies caught my eye for sure.

I love that they are made with Almond Flour so they still have a rich, dense texture that's GOOD for you (never thought I'd be able to say brownies and good-for-you in the same sentence!) They also only have 2 grams of sugar per serving - I know! You're probably wondering how they taste? Great! Less rich than a real brownie, but fit the bill for a nice chocolate treat!

Silver Fern also send us some of their Prebiotic and Probiotic WAI Drink Mixes. I have always been intrigued about probiotics so I was excited to try these! According to the brand, "Wai's special probiotic converted the prebiotics and dietary fat into sort-chain fatty acids which support healthy fat metabolism." Worth a shot, right?!

Both Adam and I decided we would drink one a day for 21 days. According to the directions, you re to mix one WAI drink powder packet into 16-32 ounces of water, shake or stir to dissolve and drink up. The drink mixes are tasty, but quite sweet, so if you prefer drinks a little less on sweet, I'd for sure dilute the mix into 32 oz of water. 

The first couple days of being on the probiotic, my body kind of detoxed. I had a pimple or two and had to use the bathroom more frequently - all signs it was working! After about a week of taking it my whole system felt amazing. I felt detoxed and like my whole system was reset. My husband took them too and loved them. Taking probiotics now is something we plan on doing daily and the great tasting and convenient WAI mixes are an excellent way to get our daily dose!

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