Saturday, November 26, 2016

Baby Favorite Sales this Holiday Weekend

Hi All! I wanted to do a quick post on all of the sales this weekend!! These are all things that I use often and LOVE!

BOB Revolution Stroller - I use this for all my runs and walks and it's on sale for 32% off here.

Doc a Tot - Little Taylor loves to sleep in this because it makes her feel safe and secure! Save $10 here.

Bao Bei Maternity Nursing Bra - because running with boobs is HARD but this makes it so much easier. My favorite nursing sports bra for sure! On sale today here for $49 plus free shipping!

Figure 8 Maternity - 25% off entire site! Free shipping and free returns too. This is where my favorite BOOB designs nursing hoodie came from. Shop here.

Altra Shoes - My favorite running shoes of all time! They have a bunch of shoes for 30% off right now. Shop here.

Nesting Days Carrier - My favorite wrap style carrier for little Taylor. Everyone comments how comfy and cozy she looks in it and is is SO SIMPLE to use. Use code NEWBORN-NEST to save 20%. Shop here.

Nested Bean Sleep Swaddle - I haven't gotten a chance to review this yet but the concept is awesome (read about it on their site) Since sleeping in this swaddle little Taylor's longest sleep stretch went from 2-3 hours to 4-5 hours - sold! Save up to 25% here.

Bun Maternity - My FAVORITE nursing tops because they are super soft and stylish and don't look like nursing tops. I own 6! They are having a HUGE sale - 40% off everything with code BUNFRIDAY! Shop here.

Cover Me Ponchos - My favorite! I use these as a car seat cover on all my runs and when I bring the car seat into stores and restaurants and I also use it as a nursing cover! I have 2 and keep one in her stroller and one in the diaper bag at all times! They are having an awesome sale - $45 for 2 plus $1 shipping! Shop here.

Belly Bandit - I loved their support belt while pregnant and am now loving their high waist Mother Tucker Capris for postpartum. They are having 25% off their entire store here.

Spearmint Love - The cutest online baby store and they NEVER have sales but today they are offering 20% off everything!! I love and use this Little Unicorn Deluxe Swaddle Set daily! There are the softest and biggest muslin blankets and just so awesome. Shop them here.

BelaBumBum Maternity - An awesome online maternity and nursing site that is having 25% off and free shipping on their entire site with code BLACKFRIDAY2016. My 2 favorite insanely comfy nursing bras are from this site. They are sports bras but cute enough for all day everyday use! Love them so much!! Shop here

LaLaBu Soothe Shirts - The sweetest way to snuggle your newborn! I am in love with the ease of this shirt and little Taylor loves to be snuggled all up! They even sell dad shirts now and are having their lowest prices of the year here.

I'm sure I missed some brands and products and sales because there are SO MANY out there so please comment below if there's any sales I need to check out! What has been your favorite maternity, new mom, or baby product that you just LOVE?

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