Thursday, July 17, 2014


Hi!  I'm Amy, aka, Go Fast Mommy!  I'm a mom to an amazing 4 year old, Brayden.  I started my running journey in the Fall of 2012.

The weather in Arizona in the Fall is amazing, after sweating it out all Summer in the hundred degree heat we soak up every outdoor second that Fall has to offer us!  It was on one such a fall day, that I decided to blow off the gym, for the 5th time that week, and walk my son, then 2, to one of our neighborhood parks.

He, as any 2 year old, was anxious to arrive and start playing, so he enthusiastically shouted, "Go fast Mommy!"  To which I replied, "I'm walking as fast as I can!"  Of course he replied, "No, go FAST Mommy, run!"
My first Half Marathon Nov 2013

Up until that point I was always vocally adamant about how much I hated running, how hard it was for me, how I had no interest in it ever, and that I would happily just stick to my 4 times a week classes at the gym thankyouverymuch.

But, like any mom, I would do anything to make my child happy, and if my little boy wanted me to go fast, dang it, I was going to make that stroller go as fast as I could!!  And I did, for a whole block!  Of course that only quenched his thirst for speed for a short while, so I think I ran two more blocks that Fall afternoon.  You had better believe that my speed impressed his little socks off!

What impressed me though, was that I actually liked it!  So the next afternoon, I asked him if he wanted to go fast to the park.  We ran a little father that day, enjoying the wind in our hair and his giggles every time I hit a bump in the road.  Running quickly became something we both looked forward to.

Running for me became something hugely empowering and freeing for me. It's one of my greatest challenges, but also one of my favorite treats.  Its saved my sanity more times than I can count and brought so many experiences, accomplishments, friendships, and joyful memories into my life.

The Night Run, a local 10k race we recently did together

Here's to a blog filled with documenting the balance of motherhood and runner, and how each role helps strengthen us in more ways than one!

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  1. I'll help you with this. We can talk and hike at the same time. Good first post!