Wednesday, July 30, 2014

5 Things I Loved in July

Well July just flew by right?!  We only have one more month of scorching hot temps here in Phoenix until we get a little relief.  Despite the heat, I really do love slower pace of Summer, where everyday, fun is on the menu.  Without further adieu, I being you, 5 things I Loved about July:

1.  Living room sleepovers with my favorite 4 year old on the planet.  We layer a ton of blankets on the floor, pop popcorn, rent a Disney movie, and sleep there all night.  I wake up stiff and sleep deprived, but it is a million times worth it!

2.  My new Brooks Visor!  I was never a visor wearing girl, but this for me was a total game changer for hot Summer running.

3.  P90X3.  I have been really focusing on cross training this half marathon cycle and am loving the results!  This set is really good and I LOVE how each workout is only 30 minutes.  I think its really improved my strength overall a ton.  I am currently on week 5.  This month I did 32 P90X3 workout routines in addition to my running.

4.  40 calorie Fudgesicles are low-cal chocolate frozen bliss.  We are huge fans of dessert in our house :)
5.  Running (Duh)!! I actually took an entire week off running this month but still managed to log 90 miles!  My next half is not until mid October, The Lake Powell Half, so I have awhile to log the miles.  I'd love to get a PR on this course so my goal is to do one speed work session a week next month.

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  1. Fudgesicles ALL THE WAY! :D And I use Insanity for some cross training, but have done a little P90X as well. Not familiar with that version though. LMK how it works out for ya!