Friday, February 9, 2018

Health Care Options for Todays Modern Families

Let me tell you a story. Brayden's dad got laid off when I was 4 months pregnant - talk about stressful, right? We were both in Real Estate and the market was tanking hard and fast in Arizona. His dad decided to go into residential real estate, which meant that we were responsible for our own health care coverage -ouch. The options were overwhelming and just so costly. We scraped by with a bare bones plan after he was born, that didn't cover much, and had zero prescription coverage. When Brayden was 3 months old he was diagnosed with acid re-flux and his medication was over $150 a month - which is a lot to handle with newborn expenses and only one income.

I wish that there was an option like SingleCare back when we needed it. SingleCare offers savings on prescriptions, dental and vision coverage, and even they have virtual doctors visits available (how neat is that?!)

SingleCare is free to join and you can start saving immediately - simply by presenting your savings card at any of the 35,000 nationwide pharmacies they work with. You can schedule online doctors visits, or visit a SingleCare eye doctor or dentist too. So many ways to save!
The SingleCare website is very user friendly. Type in a prescription drug and it will immediately populate the price for all of the pharmacies nearby. They even have extra coupons that can be applied for additional savings. I couldn't believe how much you could save by shopping around and how easy it was to compare prices via SingleCare.

They have an easily downloadable app that allows you to compare health care costs, without worrying about in-network coverage, deductibles, or coverage limitations. You discover upfront what your healthcare will cost you. In the end, you have more convenient and straight forward coverage options, that help save you money on doctors visits and prescriptions. SingleCare delivers modern healthcare options for today's families. Please let me know what you think about this post - are you interested in learning more? I'd love to hear your thoughts and remember - sign up for SingleCare today!

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