Thursday, June 30, 2016

Body Armour Review

My friends at Body Armour recently sent us a case of their sports drinks to try! Being an active family and living in the hot Arizona desert, we LOVE the chance to try some new sports drinks. 

These ones are awesome! I think my favorite was the Strawberry Banana and Brayden's was the Berry. although we both shared every flavor.

As a mom, who is pregnant too, I can appreciate what Body Armour does differently. Their natural drinks are made with more potassium packed electrolytes and even contain coconut water which is super refreshing a hydrating. 

I LOVED being able to refuel after a long run with these, while Brayden loves drinking them while practicing his sports. They are packed with natural flavors, natural sweeteners, and no artificial colors (thank goodness!)

You can find Body Armour nationwide. Locally, in Phoenix, we have picked up new bottles weekly at either Fry's, Safeway, or Target stores. There are even some great coupons here so you can save on your own bottles! 

What is yours and your children's favorite ways to refuel after your activities?

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  1. Loved your pictures from The World of James Herriot. All Creatures is one of my all time favourite shows. Back in 2009 my parents and I went to Thirsk and I loved wandering around the house, I could easily live there. The living room is different in your picture than mine:
    there was a piano were the TV is in the lounge. Got my picture taken in his old car! Thanks for sharing and for the memories :)