Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Laces and Leashes

Our little family grew from 2 to 5 about a month ago!!  Not only did Bray and I eagerly welcome Adam and his almost 11 year old yellow lab, Tate, into our house, but we became the proud parents of a new black lab puppy, Ovi!
Peek a Boo Ovi, I see you!

I like to tease Adam and tell him that I had been looking for a running partner dog, longer than I had been looking for a boyfriend, but it is entirely true!  The only person to get more excited for some fresh air and outdoor exercise than me would most definitely be a dog!  I had actually looked into volunteering at a local animal adoption center, offering to run with their dogs, until I could get one of my very own!
I got the guy and the puppy.   #winning 

Deemed as the “rowdy” puppy of the litter we knew he’d be the perfect addition to our family’s active lifestyle.  Since its still blazing hot outside now, we do our best to give him all the exercise he needs (aka wear him out!) by taking him on a 15 minute walk in the morning and evening.  We finish up every walk, by running a block or two towards home and this little munchkin is FAST!!  His vet said that as soon as he was ready and could keep up, we could continue to add time to his running jaunts.  We are thinking he will be ready for a 5k in about 6 months. 
We LOVE our nightly runs and walks together!

Speaking of 5k’s, I am beyond excited that two of my passions, dogs and running, are colliding with the Laces and Leashes Virtual 5k Run this September.  The coolest folks over at Run Eat Tweet are hosting this run and all proceeds are going to benefit the Arizona Humane Society! 

Laces and Leashes is a VIRTUAL 5k, which means there is no official location or route. Participants can join from around the globe as one in the effort to help thousands of homeless pets find a home. Why a VIRTUAL race? Since we don’t have any of the costs associated with putting on a traditional race, the entire registration fee goes to the Arizona Humane Society! You also get to pick when and where you’ll run your 5k, and how fast or slow you’ll go.
Here is the direct link to register for the Laces and Leashes 5kI just think this is such a great cause for all the animals out there that are still hoping for their forever family.  So many dogs love and need a ton of exercise, and as runners, we have the means to give dogs the physical activity that they crave and need daily. 
This is the event medal!  Love!!

You can run this Virtual Race at ANYTIME during the month of September. But why not join a group of like-minded friends if you can?! Come out to OHSO Brewery- Arcadia on September 12th for a 5k Run/Walk. Bring your dog along for the fun! (You MUST be registered for this virtual run in order to attend. Kids run free)

Afterwards, we'll be eating brunch on OHSO's dog-friendly patio, where 20% of sales will go back to Arizona Humane Society! All you have to do is tell them you're with us.  RSVP for the in-person fun on your EVENT PAGE.   There will be tons of giveaways, pups, and new running friends so join us for the #LacesAndLeashes5k group run to help homeless pets in need.

Adam ran with sweet, now 11 year old, Mr. Tate for about 7 years, and said that those were some of the best memories he has shared with his best buddy ever.  Simply nothing compares to running with a dog.  I can’t wait to bond with Ovi over daily runs together!!  Hope to see you all at the Laces and Leashes 5k or out on the streets of Phoenix, running with your best 4 legged friends, soon! 
After we run, we nap, of course!


  1. Be careful with that puppy! Dogs, especially larger breeds susceptible to hip displaysia like labs, do not have fully formed and fused growth plates until they are 12-18mos old. Continued high impact exercise like running done before they are fully grown can cause long term damage. This is why the AKC places limits on how old dogs must be before competing in high impact competitions like agility that require running and jumping. Exercise want a long term, healthy partner.

    I also want to run with my pup - collie, 7mos - but we are not starting any formal running program with him until he's at least 12mos old, and probably then on trails for the softer surface.

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