Wednesday, October 4, 2017

First Birthday Gift Ideas

It can sometimes be hard to figure out what to get a one year old for their birthday. Some will joke, "just give them a cardboard box and a wooden spoon from the kitchen and they'll love that!" Wile that may be true, there are many safer and more fun!) toys that can give you and your sweet baby hours of creative playtime together.

Here's my list of toys that can be played with in lots of different ways and will engage all of their tactile senses that my almost one year old plays with and loves (And YES, I totally let her open these presents early for the purposes of this post - her older brother would be so jealous that his baby sister got to open her birthday presents early - shhhh, don't tell!)

1. HABA Shakin Eggs - These shakin eggs are our FAVORITE things!! Made of brightly painted wood, they each make a different noise (rattles, jingles, etc) when you give them a gentle shake. My baby loves to shake them, clap them together, spin them, roll them, stick them in her mouth, and chase after them.

We shake them independently or along to the beat of a song. Small enough to toss a couple in my purse or diaper bag, I seem to never leave the house without them because I know they will entertain her wherever we go. 

2. PlayGro Pop and Drop Activity Ball Gym - This is a super fun pop-up style design, that contains 30 rainbow colored balls and keeps baby safe too!

There's lots of mesh pockets for baby to stuff the balls in (and grab them out - seems to be our little ones favorite thing to do lately - putting things away! I'm not complaining!!) There are 4 main "activity" stations. There's a pace for your baby to place a ball and then watch it POP up - producing a fun surprise and giggles galore!

 Other fun stations allow your baby to drop balls in and out and even watch them roll down a slide. Such a fun toy and can easily and quickly fold away to store it when play time is over!

3. Little Tikes Outdoor Swing - We actually got this for our little one a couple of month ago and use it daily. With hooks, we were able to easily attach it to our back patio area and our little girl absolutely loves being pushed in it! Any toy that gets us playing outside is a winner in this mamas play book!

4. Infantino Textured Ball Set - We love these balls! Each brightly colored ball has a fun and unique texture that produces a fun effect while the grip allows your baby to hold only it easier. We take these everywhere - the park, the bathtub,and they have given us hours of creative playtime!

5. Diono rXT Convertible Car Seat + Booster - Haha okay, so not the most exciting present for a one year old - but a super important one, right?! We figured since our little one is growing at a rapid weight, she is ready to graduate from her baby bucket seat into a big girl car seat and of we're going to make the investment we might as well wrap it up and stick a bow on it for her!

After some extensive research, we decided on the Diono rXT Convertible for her big girl car seat. We loved all of the premium innovative features like the steel alloy frame and aluminum reinforced sidewalls to make it an extra safe ride. Thoughtful details like adjustable head support, nicely cushioned seats and sides, and easy care fabric helped seal the deal.

Its been well documented that the safest position for a child is in the middle seat, rear facing. I really liked that this seat can be safely and comfortably rear face until my child is 45 pounds. Now I'm not sure that will happen because literally my 8 year old just surpassed the 45 pound mark, but still. it's nice to know that that is an option.

Diono has one several highly prestigious industry awards and - look at how well it folds up to travel! It even has a shoulder strap. Needless to say, this mama is very excited about this baby gift!

And a few things we're not getting her, but am totally saving for Christmas wish lists (Santa, listen up!)

Learning Resourses New Sprouts Soups On Play Set - This set looks super fun! I think a set of durable play dishes and food makes for great creative play for little minds You can play pretend with these in your playroom, or use them outside or at bath time to incorporate in a little fun water activity. Learning Resources has been a long time favorite toy company of min too so I know they make a quality product!

Little Tikes Water Table - I know it may not be outdoor water play time season in some parts of the country, but in Arizona it is - and water play is such a fun activity for babies of this age! 

Radio Flyer 4 in 1 Stroll n Trike - this was one of our favorite toys with my first born and I can't wait to get our little girl one of her very own! It's a new viewpoint for the littles and a great alternative to a stroller for neighborhood strolls to the park!

What is your little one year old loving lately? What is n the top of your wish list for their upcoming celebrations? I would love to hear!

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