Sunday, December 7, 2014

My Oatmeal Review, Giveaway, and Discount Code

So the awesome folks at hooked me up with a HUGE bag of custom oatmeal beacuse I am a CRO for the coolest running group around, RunEatTweetAZ.

What a neat concept this company has come up with  They allow you to completely customize your oatmeal.  They boast over 22 billion combinations of healthy oatmeal!  On their website, you can choose from 6 different types of oatmeal, mix in one of about 30 different flavors, and add in nuts, seeds, dried fruit, or protein powder.

I had my son help me pick out my healthy oatmeal combination since he loves oatmeal too.  We chose to flavor our quick rolled instant oats like cake batter, and added in dried peaches and apricots, and whey protein powder, and brown cane sugar crystals.

Ok seriously this is the best bowl  of oatmeal I have ever had!!  Tastes so good, like dessert.  In fact, I have been having it often as a mid afternoon snack too, and because of the (genius) addition of the protein powder, it completely helps give me enough energy and keeps me going until dinner time.

I also think it's super cute that they allow you to customize the name on your oatmeal bag.  I chose to name mine Go make oatmeal Fast Mommy, get it?!

I'm already contemplating what flavor combo I want to order next.  I have been eying the Old Fashioned Glazed Donut and maybe Eggnog, what do you think?  What combination would you create?  The awesome folks over at gave us a discount code, RETAZ15 for 15% off your bag of oatmeal.  Also, head over to the RunEatTweetAZ Facebook Page for a chance to win a customizable bag of your own!

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