Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Baby Butz

IS there anything more adorable than a sweet little baby butt? I think not! My normally happy baby only cries at 2 times - when she's tired and when her bum has a diaper rash.

 She has eczema, so it's extremely important for me to find something to treat her diaper rash in a natural way that will not irritate her skin even more.

Baby Butz Cream is our holy grail of diaper rash cream. I apply some on her bum at the first sign of irritation and typically it's all cleared up by the next diaper change! It's 100% all natural and super soothing.

The consistency is like a thick paste so a little goes a super long way. I also love that it's in a tub, not a tube, so you can use every last bit of it! It has a pediatrician gold standard and even a money back guarantee.

And Taylor likes it so that's what really matters :) You can get your own tub of Baby Butz Cream here on Amazon.

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